6 Essential Oils For Younger Looking Skin

by Monica Barthalomeo | Jan 06, 2017

Aging has become a major issue for many these days. It’s not only women who are troubled by it but men as well. The skin starts sagging and the other signs of aging start appearing as the oil production in the skin decreases. Here are some essential oils which you can incorporate into your everyday schedule in order to look young and wipe the years off your face.

Olive Oil:

Used almost in everything, olive oil stood the test of time. Known to moisturize the skin from within, it also helps your skin reverse its age. Loaded with the goodness of vitamin E, vitamin A, fatty acids and other minerals it helps in repairing your skin tissues and cells as well. Dab a bit of olive oil to your face and skin before bath and wash off with lukewarm water to get the best results.

Pomegranate Seed Oil:

One of the excellent oils which has been known to help in fighting aging signs is the pomegranate seed oil. Known for it’s healing and anti-inflammatory properties this helps in repairing the skin cells. Use it for your entire body to reap the complete benefits of this healing oil.

Avocado Oil:

One of the best antidotes for anti-aging, the avocado oil is helps you fight all the signs of anti aging to the fullest. It helps you reverse your complete aging process making you look younger and surprise yourself and others. Massage yourself with the avocado oil to get great skin. It works the best for the people who have dry skin.

Jojoba Oil:

One of the most hydrating oils in the world which offers anti-aging benefits. Rich in vitamins C and E this one will blend properly into your skin wiping years off and makes it supple.

Wheatgerm Oil:

Having amazing regenerating properties, the wheat germ oil helps you get flawless skin like no other. A powerful anti oxidant rich in vitamin A, helps your get younger looking skin as you keep using it.

Coconut Oil:

The widely available essential oil in our country is the coconut oil. Use it before to massage yourself and get moisturized skin in no time at all. It helps one look younger and acts as a natural sunscreen rather than going in for all the cosmetics with chemicals.

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