Top 9 New Motor Vehicle Bill Revisions - 2016

by Monica Barthalomeo | Aug 30, 2016

Ever since all of us started our schooling, traffic education has been a part and parcel of our curriculum. The educationists intentions on introducing traffic education is to inculcate the proper road manners and discipline in every citizen right from their childhood. But when we see the results and the impact of this awareness has not reached up to the mark. As of now, India accounts for 10% of the accidents that occur worldwide. The 10% might seem minute, but when real numbers is brought before us it is baffling. There are as much as 5 lakh road accidents that occur every year, of whom nearly 1.5 lakh people lose their precious lives.

All these years there is something which we have missed. There have been times that not all of us have been following the traffic rules Mr. Nitin Gadkari one of the central cabinet ministers took up the initiative and proposed the motor vehicle amendment bill in the parliament which is now approved by the Union Cabinet with the consent of the Prime Minister. Here are the amendments that have been brought into action which will make everyone follow the rules come what may:

Drink And Drive:

Many have been caught doing this act. When one drinks and drives, he tends to lose control over his senses and is not in proper mind to drive which led to many accidents in the past. Most of them lost lives. To mend this, the government has drafted a new penalty rule. Every person who is caught in the drink and drive case will be penalized to pay Rs. 10,000 unlike the old rule of Rs. 2000.

Violation Of Road Rules:

Every person who violates any road rules will be charged a fine of Rs. 500 when compared to the old system of Rs. 100. So people, while crossing the road and using the footpath even, ensure that you are not plugged in with your headphones. Also ensure that you don’t use your phone while crossing. Your life is more important than the phone call. Attend to it once you are done with crossing. Don’t jump the traffic signals when another signal is displayed. These minute things might cost your life.

Passenger Overload:

Every time that you have your vehicle overloaded now, be it doing a trickie on two wheeler or seating extra people in your car or SUV, you will have to pay Rs. 1000 for every person who does not fall in the proper count of your vehicle’s seating capacity. Overloading your vehicle might cause the wheels to swell and heats up the temperature of your tyres which would result in a blowout, your brakes will not work effectively, it will affect your steering comfort levels which might result in an accident. Don’t risk the lives of everyone who loves and trust you.

Driving without seatbelt:

Most of us are comfortable driving without fastening our seatbelt. But the truth is, it has been cleverly designed and placed in the vehicle to protect your from any accidents being caused. If you are caught driving without having your seatbelt on, you will be charged a fine of Rs. 1000 unlike the old penalty charge of Rs. 100. Drive with your seat belt on and don’t risk your life.

Riding Without Helmet:

Riding without helmet is another fancy that most of us have. Oh how we love moving against the breeze as it blows on our face. But it is not that lovely when you meet with an unexpected unpleasant accident right? Put that helmet on and save yourself. Otherwise, you will end up paying Rs. 1000 now compared to the prior violation charge of Rs. 100.

Offences By Juveniles:

All our adolescents want to really grow up fast. Their vigour and enthusiasm is actually unbeatable. It is good to learn many things in this time of inquisitiveness. But we need to ensure that they don’t move on the road. Unless a person turns 18 and has a valid driving license, he can’t drive legally on the roads. If caught driving, they will have to pay Rs. 25,000 as per the new bill. Further on, the owner of the vehicle will also be held guilty and the registration of that particular vehicle will be cancelled. This is brought action as many teens lost their lives and were injured badly while driving. Next time you see your bro or sis going out, warn them about this which will keep them away from the roads until they turn 18.

Driving Without License:

Most of us must have pulled it off though we didn’t have license and drove countless times. It is not that case any longer. When asked for a driving license and you are unable to show it to the traffic police guy, you will be charged Rs. 5000 when compared to prior rule of paying fine of Rs. 500. Apart from the monetary punishment, the license of the person will be suspended for a 3 months.

Driving Without Insurance: