10 Secrets To Become More Photogenic

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 14, 2016

With so much going on in the world, seems like everyone is caught up in the selfie and the groupfie craze. You might be having that one friend who manages to look awesome in every click that flashes by his/her face right? Now that you thought about that person, you too can look flattering as you get the inside information to look more photogenic than before.

Flaunt the Left Side Of Your Face:

Before using those personal amazing shutterbugs, flaunting the left side of your face to it will make you look more attractive. You don’t have to look straight at the camera. As per studies, the left side of your face looks more charming than your right side. So, why don’t you try this one to look awesome from the next time onwards?

Stand the Farthest:

Oh how we love sticking to our lovelies in a group and taking an amazing groupfie! Everyone loves to be the centre of attraction in such times and while taking pictures in particular. Consider drawing away from the camera in those times and do yourself a favour by standing away from the camera. Standing close to the camera makes you look unreasonably larger. Standing away from it is the key.

Low Angle Shot:

You might not know this term unless you are a professional photographer. Never mind, you might have understood by reading it for the first time I suppose. Go in for a low angle shot whenever you want to take a full length picture. This will make you look slimmer and taller than usual. So if you are unhappy with your height in pictures, you can get this quick fix done by taking a low angle shot.

Tilt it:

Facing the camera straight into the lens to look awesome is just too mainstream. Why don’t you give yourself a little try and tilt your head before taking a click. This will enhance your features and helps you get a natural making you look  more pleasant as well. So get ready to flaunt those amazing cheekbones of yours the next time.

High Angle Shot:

There are those times when you don’t want to stand or give any pose at all. Taking pictures while you are seated is the best option as you can’t afford to stand always. While you are seated tilt your head a little and taking pictures from a higher angle will give you a defined look flaunting your jawline and the other features of your face.  

The Right-side Up:

Just before you are ready to take a picture, look towards the right slightly. Stealing your eyes away from the lens for a fraction of time will eliminate the red-eye effect that most of us are prone to while clicking pictures which is bound to ruin it like no other.

All you need to know is how to flaunt your features no matter what outfit you sport. When you keep these tips in mind, it will surely help you achieve your desired look and helps you to look amazing and all your pictures will look like a million bucks.

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