12 Types Of Pizzas From Around the World

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 16, 2016


One of the most sought after foods by many today are the appetizing pizzas. Most of them have accepted this  palatable dish like no other across the world. Though it is birthed in Italy, every region and place has given its twist to this versatile yet yummy dish. With so many adaptations, here are some of the abridged pizzas from all over the world.

Greek Pizza:


The classic greek pizza has the tangy tomato sauce topped with the kalamata olives, irresistible feta and mozzarella cheese. The oregano sprinkled on it makes your taste buds tickle.

Sushi Pizza:


Taken for its name. The sushi pizza is from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. The Japanese twist to this italian dish has interesting ingredients. The crust is rather made of the rice which has been deep fried, the classic mayonnaise, scallions and tobiko.

Mexican Pizza:


From the place where the Pinatas have been introduced to the world is yet another mexican pizza with tortillas, mexican cheese, enchilada sauce with the regular pizza ingredients. All these blend into a perfect mexican pizza mix.

Maltese Pizza:


The classic Mediterranean touch to the Italian pizza is from the island of Malta. The sliced potatoes, olives, rosemary and anchovies are perfectly placed and baked in the fresh tomato sauce.

Sicilian Pizza:


One of the Italian classics from Italy, the Sicilian Pizza it is! The thick crust topped with the tomato sauce and cheese can never get boring for anyone at all.

Swedish Kebab Pizza:


From the land of the vikings comes the kebab pizza. Yes, Sweden developed its own version of this dish which has a blend of the other eastern cultures as well. Topped with the sliced kebabs, yogurt sauce, pepperoni with the regular tomato sauce and cheese, the kebab pizza is an absolute delight.

Chicago Pizza:


Known for its super size, the chicago pizza is the american version of pizzaq at its best. Also known as the deep crust pizza, it is enough to gratify your hunger pangs like no other. The lip-smacking cheese and tomato sauce floating on the deep crispy crust is a pure joy.

French Pizza:


This land of fashion and style gave a complete makeover to the pizza from Italy. The shape of the pizza is that of a french bread sliced lengthwise which incorporates the classic pepperoni, tomato sauce and cheese.

Hawaiian Pizza:


The pleasant land of Hawaii gives a total twist by adding the tangy pineapple slices and ham to the tomato sauce and the cheese. The pizzas here has become a true islanders food.


Indian Pizza:


We here at India have various combinations of pizza based on our local region. Not to forget the pizzas topped with the rawalpindi chana, the perfect indian vegetarians pizza,  the chicken pizzas with various cuisines twists are all pure delights to our taste buds.

Pizza Cone:


Heard of the Ice-cream cone right? The Pizza cone is similar to that one. The cone made of the pizza bread base and the ice-cream scoops replaced with the pizza toppings and cheese makes the pizza cone.

Scottish Pizza:


The scottish pizza is the one which is served like another mcdonalds meal. Yes, a pizza is halved and fried after it is dipped in a special batter. It is later served with vinegar and french fries.

These are a few of the twists given by various countries to the pizza which makes it versatile.

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