18 Killer Halloween Costume Ideas You Have to Try In 2016

by Monica Barthalomeo | Oct 20, 2016

Celebrated on October 31st every year, Halloween is one of the most enjoyed festival all across the world. Finding its roots in the Celtic tradition, this was also adopted by the Christian Liturgical calendar in about 1745 which is mostly argued about. In times like these, who cares about the history or when it started. As of now, many people celebrate it regardless their religious background or faith giving importance to the fun part of it. Here are some of the best Halloween Costume Ideas you have to try this 2016

The Maleficent Couture:


Well aware of Angelina Jolie’s “Maleficent”???? Try this one for the halloween. Those green cat eyes, covered completely with the thick black mink overcoat. The blood red lips, overgrown nails, vision capturing horns, the black boots. When you wear these on, you are transformed into a vicious vile. If you want to go little over the edge, colour your face with green as that of “the mask”!

The Vampire Diaries:


One movie which made people transcend into altogether different world is the Twilight. The vampires are one of a kind creatures that feed on human blood. The pale skin colour, distinguished eyes, those protruding carnivores teeth, the lips stained with fresh blood and wanting for more of it. You can pull this one off with that ferocious look.

The Frankenstein Look:


Who doesn’t know about the Frankenstein? That tall guy from the Addams Family who talks in rather very slowly. If you are tall, you can try this outfit. Get in that lose blazer like coat, droopy eyes make up, those extra growth at the sides of your neck, deep disinterested voice and laziness unlimited will make you look like the perfect Frankenstein.

Headless Horseman????


Do you remember the headless monster from the movie Sleepy Hollow? How about moving around with one of the jack o lanterns in your hand and you decked up in the headless monster costume? Sounds exciting right! You might possibly not move around riding a horse, but this one is a real deal! Moving about like this and scaring people sounds too much halloween!

Apocalyptic Zombie:


Want to play a dead corpse come to life threatening others to die?? Then Zombie costume is the one to go for! Feasting on locals at night and moving about in the streets with a seemingly slow pace which yet turns faster once they locate their food. You can try this horror fictional character.  

The Egyptian Mummy Fashion:


One of the preserved dead bodies since centuries coming into life and scaring you to death is not what you want to ever see in your lifetime! This requires nothing much though! It’s just that you need to wrap yourself in white fine linen leaving space for your eyes to see and you are ready to go!

The Scary Phantom:


Be it the Phantom of the Opera or the Scary movie’s own phantom, there is everything about this one that can create the scariness factor in people. The mask plays a huge role though. That mask which has hollow droopy emptied eye sockets and the mouth which looks as if it is yawning forever. These are perfect expressions that you can sport to get that look as you are decked up in a pitch black robe!

Jigsaw Killer:


Can you recollect John Kramer, the fictional character from the Saw movie series? The Jigsaw killer he was! That unpleasantly spooky face can intimidate anyone who watches it. The candy like painted blush, the blood red eyes, the unruly hair and the weird puppet mouth, if you can get this look, you can pretend to be a the jigsaw killer.

V for Vendetta Show:


The pleasant smile behind the wicked character, the V for Vendetta look it is! Try this mask as you dress yourself in totally black attire and have two daggers with you with a black derby hat. You are now set for the show time.

The Thing:


Another one from the Addams family is the thing! That creepy hand moving around with you everywhere you are creepy isn’t it? Wear on you your regular black outfit and have this hand fixed on your shoulder. You are ready to sport this look.

The Evil Witch:


That weird old woman with a the weirdest laugh flying around on her bewitching broom. You can pick this outfit very easily provided you need to have that bumpy weird long nose, the pointy hat, her overcoat, her black robe and her black boots.

The Skeleton:


Want to look as if you’re being exposed to the x-rays continuously for the halloween night? Wear on the skeleton costume!



Ain’t no-one is kidding with the joker! This guy can give his piece of mind without being taken aback. Have those extended blood red lips until the cheek bones, the scary dark circles and the  weird hair do and you are ready to take over.

Purple Minion:


Want to look as if you’re doped and losing yourself? Try the purple minion costume. Get the cyclops look or the weird other minions look with those scuba diving glasses.

The Voldemort:


If you are a harry potter enthusiast, there’s no doubt that you know voldemort. That guy who misses his appropriate nose shape, his blood cells visible pale scalp and skin, those weird teeth and the red lips are sure to scare anybody.

Darth Vader:


Get into the shoes of Darth Vader as you transform yourself into him. This character from Star Wars is an interesting one. Have a lightsaber with you (I’m talking about one that you can make by yourself at home) and get yourself into the caged mask.



The skeletor might sound outdated. But it is worth sporting this look for halloween. That horrendous villain from He-man is not to be missed at all.

Killer Costume:


The killer from the “I know what you did last summer” is indeed a killer costume to sport. Take a look at these and incorporate these elements and look terrifying.

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