5 Best Indian Soups To Beat The Cold In Winters

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 30, 2016

What can be the best time to cherish the appetizing and scrumptious soups more than the winters. When the cold breeze strokes your face and skin, the chills it sends to your system, you sometimes even feel your teeth rattling. Such moments are funny and amazing provided you know how to fight it back the best way.

Soups are the best ways to generate heat and keep you stomach full during these times. Abundant in nutrients, minerals and vitamins, a cup of soup is all you need to make you feel cozy and warm. Those feelings of the warmth that envelops you when you gulp it down your throat every time is an out of the world experience. Here are some delectable soups you can have during winters and keep yourself warm and healthy.

Pepper Rasam:

During winters, it is obvious that most of them are prone to cold, cough and the unbeatable sneezes. Pepper soup or the pepper rasam is one of the best and tasty home remedy to cure all those health conditions and generate heat. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it helps boost your immunity power. What can be more soothing to anyone than a hot bowl of pepper rasam with a dash of tamarind, toor dal and a hit of strong indian spices.

Chicken Corn Soup:

The best buddies that make an amazing and appetizing soup are chicken and corn. No restaurant leaves this soup abandoned, every one of them have this listed in their menus. Abundant in potassium, fibre and protein, the chicken corn soup is indeed the soup for the soothing you.

Carrot & Beetroot Soup:

Not everyone might cherish this combination. Some might even loathe having it. But for good health, beets and carrots soup should not be left out. This is a powerhouse soup for your body. The goodness of both carrots and beetroots in one dish will boost your hemoglobin count.

Tomato soup or Tamatar ka Shorba:

Just like the pepper rasam, the tamatar ka shorba is also one of the most loved soups by many. The tanginess of the tomatoes and the hit of the rich indian spices will give your body the boost of the required minerals, phyto-nutrients and vitamins. All you need to do is have this and grab a warm blanket which will put to to sleep as your savour the beautiful flavours.

Paya Shorba:

The other favorite of all the meat lovers is the Paya Shorba. Ever been to Hyderabad, you have to try this one! The Paya shorba or the paya soup is unbeatable. Have it with the famous sheermal or roti and your will transcend to a different world altogether. A dish from the Mughal kitchen which enriches your bones and is a protein powerhouse gives you the energy immediately.

For all the winters, all you need are some soups that will give you instant energy and boost your immune system to fight the cold. Grab a bowl of soup, tuck yourself in your bed, grab your blanket and have a wonderful sleep.
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