5 Chai Variants That Are Loved By People All Over the World

by Monica Barthalomeo | Jan 04, 2017

One thing which has been deeply ingrained in the Indians blood is Chai! Most Indians cannot do without this wonder working beverage every morning. There are some who like to have it selected times of the day and some of them are chai addicts.  Want to stay awake at night to work on an important project? Chai is the answer. Want to get rid of that torturous headaches that torment you? Chai is the answer. No matter what the situation, chai comes to the rescue to help us focus and concentrate on our work.

Can anything beat a cup of a piping hot ginger tea when it is raining? Nothing can bring in more warmth, comfort and solace. Be it the adrak wali chai, elaichi chai, masala chai or how can we forget the famous Irani chai, everything has a magic and flavor of its own. This famous hot beverage has been known to unite people since ages and helped people bond in our country. Being the second largest nation in the world standing next to China in tea production, India has indeed made a positive impact on people in the world. Here are some of the tea blends which are the driving the crazy.

Assam Chai:

Who doesn’t know the goodness of Assam chai? Since long it has been the one of the most sought after blends of teas. A strong cup of Assam tea with milk is a perfect one which most Indians love. Have it along with any of your favourite snack and you are bound to enjoy its goodness in every sip of it. Any blend from this region is a pure delight.

Nilgiri Chai:

Thinking of having chai without milk? Nilgiri is the one you need to opt for then. Having an intense fragrance and possessing an intense dark colour it has a flavour of its own. This one does not go with every Indian snack as the food might dominate the taste or the tea might dominate the food. Pick up snacks like cheese or any other light appetizers in order to savour the wonderful flavours.

Darjeeling Tea:

Another famous ground for a famous blend of chai is Darjeeling. Also known as the champagne of teas, the Darjeeling chai is sweeter and has an orangish-honey tint which is quite famous as the gourmet teas as well. As per research, as many as 80% of Europeans love to have the Darjeeling tea as it goes well with some starters or other food snacks like the sandwiches and salads.

Darjeeling White Tea:

Want to know the chai which allows you to fight the risk of being diagnosed with cancer? Yes, the Darjeeling white Chai it is! Being the most favoured one by the doctors which will help patients, the Darjeeling white is on the customers numero uno list which implies that it is being sold like a hot cake.

Earl Grey Blend Chai:

Think luxury chai, think earl grey tea blend! Fused with the bergamot goodness and being a carbon copy of the Chinese tea palette, this is an amazing tea variant which takes chai to a complete new dimension of luxury. It goes perfectly with any fruit tart or dark chocolate for a snack. It gives you the energy you need and calms your senses. 
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