5 Places You Cannot Visit in India If You Are An Indian!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 21, 2016

Remember that demeaning quote used by the colonial rule people, “Dogs and Indians Not Allowed!”. We know the amount of racial discrimination that our forefathers faced during the complete Independence movement of our country right? Yet, here it still exists and we are unaware about it. For all those freaks who love travelling and exploring the greatness of this country, there’s a bad news. If you heard it, well and good! If you haven’t, here is what you need to know about the places that all the Indians are forbidden to from visiting.

Hotel Incognito!

You must have been taken by the name itself, yet the hotel we are talking about here is an unidentified and an unnamed one. This particular hotel or rather a lodge in Chennai, India, doesn’t allow any Indian to have their stay there. There are some who are of the opinion that it is a Nawab’s home. Despite being in India, this place is strictly for the foreigners.

Beaches Only for Foreigners:

With a notion of protecting the foreigners from the lustful eyes of the Indians, there are certain beaches in the famous places which attracts most tourists i.e., Goa and Pondicherry which is now called as Puducherry. The famous colonies of the Portuguese and the French still have a no entry zone at selected beaches. Well the reason is so controversial that we wouldn’t know that the foreigners need more security from us or are we Indians disrespectful in every way. Whatever the explanation is, it is totally humiliating for us.

Hotel Uno-In:

Do you know the famous Nippon paints? Well, the Uno-In hotel was constructed in collaboration with the Nippon Infrastructure company to facilitate and accommodate various Japanese deportee’s in Bengaluru, India. This behaviour of the hotel was brought to lime light when various people complained about not getting a reservation for their stay there. Upon knowing the racism practices, this hotel has been banned by the city corporation. Fair enough, isn’t it?

Free Kasol Cafe:

Indians discriminating Indians????? Located in Kasol, Himachal Pradesh, the owner of this cafe entertained only the Israelis here and refused to treat the Indian lady who was there. This act skyrocketed his fame within no time in 2015.

It is sad to hear that such things still exist in the modern day world and most disappointing that certain Indians allow this from happening. You shouldn’t be alarmed upon you being treated indifferent when you be there at any one of the places.
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