6 Essential Oils For A Flawless Skin

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 08, 2016

Who is not bothered about maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin? Everyone does! In fact, we invest in numerous products trying to achieve that flawless skin which is indeed looks like a million dollar. It is true that cosmetics give almost an instant beauty quick fix, but natural beauty care is much more effective and gives a natural makeover which is lasting and reliable without any side effects when care is taken. To get this lasting fresh look, you can incorporate the following oils to achieve your desired look.

Rosewood Essential Oil:

One of the most sought after beauty care products, rosewood essential oil is extracted from the rosewood tree which are found in Brazil. Known for advancing the healing process and alleviating depression, it also has anti-microbial compounds which cure the dry skin problems and also address the aging skin concerns as well.  

Lavender Essential Oil:

Also  popular as spikenard essential oil, this special oil found its use even during the reign of the Egyptian  times. Used for mummification and perfume by the Egyptians and bathing, scenting purposes by the Romans, this oil has won the nods of many since ages. It helps in reducing acne, restoring skin complexion and possess anti-aging capabilities.

Tea Tree Oil:

A boon for all the folks who have oily skin, tea tree oil helps in reducing acne. Also helps in getting rid of dandruff, warts, cuts and helps in softening corns. Convinced by its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, the Australian soldiers have this as an important ailment incorporated in their first aid kit.

Lemongrass Essential Oil:

Found in abundance in the southern parts of Asia, the lemongrass essential oil helps in making your skin glow like no other. It helps in skin regeneration and detoxifies it. For those who want to minimize pores on their skin. This is a must have essential oil to be included in their beauty regime.

Cedar-wood Essential Oil:

Used since the Egyptian times for embalming, cedar-wood finds it use even today. Known for promoting a clear and healthy skin, it has worked wonders since ages for many. If you are irritated with dandruff and eczema problems, you can try this wonder working oil which helps you to get a clean and clear skin without much fuss.

Frankincense Essential Oil:

A powerful antidote which protects skin cells, the frankincense oil helps preventing wrinkles, slows down the aging process and minimizes large pores. It is indeed a boon to all those who use anti-aging products. Try incorporating this into your skin regime and replace it with the other cosmetics. Fight aging the natural way.

Use all the oil’s in restricted quantities either by adding it in warm water and taking a bath or by going in for a solid massage. This will surely help you get the desired glowing, clear and youthful healthy skin the natural way. With these in your beauty essentials kit you can effortlessly look younger and healthy more than before.

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