6 Home Decor Ideas For Diwali You Must Try In 2016

by Monica Barthalomeo | Oct 24, 2016

The whole India will be illuminated on this festive day of Lights. No matter which religion a person belongs to Diwali is one such festival which the whole India looks forward to. Be it the crackers, sweets or sharing the joy, this festival is one of the pure delights in our country. In times like these we might run out of home decor ideas. Here are few home decor ideas for diwali that will brighten your homes this year.


The one thing which creates an aura of elation and joy in our surroundings on this day are the festive lights. They add colour and brightness to all our living spaces like no other. Choose from various tinges of light colours and decorate your living spaces to brighten up the atmosphere totally.


Rather than going in for the traditional diya’s consider having scented candles in your living spaces. Choose from various light holders where you can place your candles or jazz up the space with some essential fragrances which are available in various stores like the cinnamon vanilla, cinnamon apple and much more. This will surely brighten up your home and makes your home look like a haven of life and celebration.

Go Vintage:

Add a touch of vintage or artistry to your collection by picking up classy candle holders. Go in for bronze’s, mosaic’s, gold’s and other such holders with classy finishes. You can also have the danglers in place which will intensify the look of your home.

Cutesy Cushions:

The cushion covers you choose can either build the look or break it down. No matter what cushion covers you pick up, they will can add to your complete theme you have for the home decor this diwali. Pick up from bright coloured one’s for a modern look, go in for classy browns for an understated look or choose the elegant victorian prints to get the royal look.


To beautify your kitchen and your dining area, take your pick from the elegant crockery ware options. If you want to go for an all white look choose the plain crockery ware or want to go in for a more themed one which either reflects the traditional or the contemporary style go in for those accordingly. The colours you chose for these special stuff will reflect your tastes and preferences though. Keep in mind while picking this one up as you need to match you overall theme of Diwali.

Dramatic Curio's:

Curio's can add life to your home and can say a lot about your personality and tastes. Take your pick from the endless collections of curio;s and add endless dramatic effects to your home. Be it those animals with striking poses or other antique items, they add dramatics to your home and elevates your decor sense and brings you loads of admiration from others.

This Diwali get these things in place and get ready to make your home the most stylish and win tons of admiration from everyone.

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