6 Types Of Bags That Every Woman Should Have

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 19, 2016

Well Ladies! There is so much more to have in your collection when it comes to fashion. Our wishlist never comes to an end. With the ever evolving trends we always need to be updated in this field in order not to be left behind. Yes, nothing can make you much happier when it comes to shopping and adding numerous stuff to our existing collection. Here are a few bags which you definitely need to have in your collection to swag any style you want, anytime!


Have many things to carry? Carry it all in style with a Tote bag! Also known as the Shopper’s Bag or the Shopper, it is perfect when you need to carry a little extra stuff. Its perfect large squarish - rectangular design allows you to fit in what you require for the day. Grab these ones in the classic brown tans, maroons or blacksand you are set to go anytime in glam with these perfectly matching any outfit you need to carry out yourself in style!


It is undoubtedly a girl’s best friend when she is planning for a weekend getaway. The Weekender is designed to facilitate you to bag in everything you require for a short trip. It is quite spacious available in various colours and patterns offered by various brands. Whether you are going in for a sleepover or taking a flight for a business meeting, this will help you to have all that you need all properly positioned in a single bag.   


A crescent shaped slouchy bag with medium lengthened straps worn over the shoulders, the Hobo bag is inspired from the rather unusual cartoons that you could ever imagine. Initially known as the bindle sack, the hobo gained popularity and is quite popular with many women. Be it any occasion of the night or day, it is a perfect partner for you to have with you completing your overall look.


One of the versatile bags of times, the satchel won the favour of many luxury bag designers until now be it Gucci, Prada, Louboutin, Dior, Michael Kors or any other international brands. It comes with oodles of glamour and class giving you the perfect lady look. Having options with the handles, be it the detachable long strap or the short handles, the satchel is a perfect partner in crime of yours to swag it like no other.


A minimalistic no-fuss approach is the Clutch style! A perfect one for you to have when you go out for any parties or get together's. It gives you all the glam you need. Initially used by the Royal people, the clutches are now available for everyone to be in vogue. Grab a shimmering glittery one this time and elevate your glamour quotient with the clutches.


The backpacks have always allured women ever since it was introduced. These have the perfect pals since the good old high school and college days. Why not bring that vigour back with these perfect polished ones with style as you shun the other styles away?

This is not the end of our list. There is much more to come. Whether going in for vibrant colours while choosing a bag or going for the classy ones, pick the one that suits your style and attitude so that you can be swag anytime!

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