7 Coffee Variants That Are Irresistible!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 09, 2016

One of the most sought after hot beverages in the world, coffee has variants based on places and people’s personal tastes and preferences. Known for keeping people active and awake all over the world, coffee has won the hearts of the humans ever since its use has been discovered. Unlike the most rumored thing, coffee is proved to be beneficial for health when consumed in required portions. The next time you go out to have coffee and get confused, here is a small guide which helps you understand what to order based on your desire to have coffee that moment.

The Espresso:

The foundation for most of the coffee variants in the world, the espresso adds an intense flavour and mesmerizes one to have it. When finely ground coffee beans are brewed by gushing forth nearly boiling water or by intense steam, by an espresso machine, Voila! we get our amazing espresso. It can be had just the way it is with or without any sugar. This one is mostly loved by Europeans.

The Cappuccino:

From the land of Italy, we get one of the most loved flavours of coffee in the world, the Cappuccino. Having 2 shots of espresso as its base, it is then topped with steaming hot milk and overlaid with thick milk froth. Well, it is named so as its colour is similar to that of the robes of the capuchin monks. A dash of coffee powder over the froth, make a perfect cappuccino!

Cafe Latte:

Mostly loved by the Americans may be for its sweet flavour, the Latte is another variant of coffee that gained popularity. Having a single shot of espresso with more than three parts of steamed milk and topped with little milk froth, the latte is indeed a delight to all those who would love to have a light coffee instead of a strong one. The choice is left up to you if you would want to add sugar or not.

Cafe Au Lait:

Taken for its name in French, Cafe Au Lait means Coffee with milk. It is brewed by running steamed milk over the coffee beans in equal proportions. You can consider adding sugar to it if you would like to. The espresso doesn't come into picture here though.   

The Americano:

An amazing shot of espresso brewed with a cup of hot water, and we have our americano ready. This is one of the most fuss free coffee variants to prepare. Brewing it with milk or having it with sugar is a choice left up to you totally.

Irish Coffee:

More of a cocktail than a coffee, the Irish coffee is an interesting one to try. Brewed with hot coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey and topped with cream, it surely is an enticing drink for anyone to try . Ever since the 1940’s, this variant of coffee has become famous and is had by many as a treat on St. Patrick's Day as well.
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