8 Best Foods To Munch On This Winter!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Oct 03, 2016

Winters are soon approaching and yes, we need to be prepared in every way to battle the harsh cold. It is the season where the warmth of the blanket compels you to sleep for those extra minutes. Nobody can escape these amazingly weird feelings. This winter feast on these amazing foods which will keep you strong and give you enough strength to battle the winters.    


Be it tomato, sweet corn or the chicken clear soup or any other flavoured soup, there is nothing more soothing than them during winters. As you gulp down the hot soup, it passes the amazing warmth and energizes your mind, body and soul.  

Pakodas and Bhajiyas:

Our all time Indian favourite foods are the Pakodas and Bhajiyas. Couple it with a cup of hot tea and you are done. The perfect snack during cold times. Get yourself with busy with these delicious delicacies and you are all set to do your work.

Spicy Dishes:

Oh how we love to have more and more of spiciness in our food! Be it roti or rice, have it with lip-smacking spicy curries and it makes you feel amazing. It is in the times of cold that we long for the spicy food more and nothing can beat the spicy factor our Indian curries.


One of the winter favourites of all times are the momo’s. These adorable spicy dumplings are an absolute delight to eat. Being the staple food of the people in Ladakh, this has been adapted by most of the Indians throughout the country. They are also very healthy as it is steamed.

Nuts & Fruits:

One snack that you can eat all day long and not feel guilty about it at all are the nuts or rather the dry fruits. You can keep munching on it the whole day and give yourself the sufficient nutrients for a healthy skin. The best part about these is that they don’t give you a feeling of being full.

Hot Beverages:

Nothing can beat the piping hot coffee or tea or the hot chocolate during the winters. They are all time favourites of people who really don’t want to munch on anything. Have it and be ready to see your dullness driven away. Grab a piping hot mug of anyone of these and spend your winters in the most amazing way possible.


Feast on sweets like the piping hot gulab jamun, balushai, gajar ka halwa and much more. Beat the cold in a sweet manner with these amazingly tasting sweets.


We can never loathe having more chocolates. There are exceptional cases though. Be it white chocolate or dark chocolate, people of every age group love to have a bite or two of it and they would never feel guilty about doing that.

Try these amazing winter foods and boost your energy levels so that you can get going about doing your work.

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