8 Smart Ways To Avoid Overpacking For Any Travel

by Monica Barthalomeo | Oct 05, 2016

When it comes to vacation or any other trip, women tend to over-pack things when compared to men. Out of all the packed stuff, they rarely use everything they get for travel. Does it sound familiar? Yes, so here is an inside information for you to not overpack when you are packing for travel. All you need to do is get the necessary stuff on board and enjoy your holiday not being bothered about your luggage at all.

Think Out Your Outfits:

Plan out all your outfits for each day you are out for vacation. Break up those days into the kind of events you are going to attend or the activities you will be involved in and plan your clothes accordingly. Instead of wearing different things for every event, try to put your best effort in pairing up things so you don’t have to carry much. Incorporate items that you can wear more than once in a different style. You can prepare your design catalogue for everyday based on the occasion and write down what you need for every outfit. This will draw your boredom away and make your creativity tick at its best.

Say Yes To Checklist:

Now that you are completely aware of you require for your trip, jot down everything and make a checklist. This will help you to be organized and you don’t have to punish your memory time and again for recollecting things you need to put into your travel bag. It will be great if you can categorize your travel bag checklist just like you categorize your wardrobe. It will surely save you loads of time.

Mix N’ Match:

As mentioned earlier, pick clothes which can go with the others well. Including clothes that are easy to pair up with the others will be really great. By doing so, you can reduce your load and save ample space in your travel bag. Try to have the basics which you can wear during the day easily and those you can wear at night. Get one warm jacket if the place you’re vacationing is not that sunny or a light jacket that goes well with every outfit of yours.

Rolling Saves You:

While packing stuff, try the rolling method to fold all your clothes. This will ensure that you can have plenty space for all your requirements in your travel bag. Doing this will also keep your clothes wrinkle free to a large extent unlike the other folding methods.

Shoes You Need vs. All the Shoes You Want To Wear On:

We women love shoes, don’t we? We have one for every kind of outfit we have in our wardrobe. All of us on shoes obsession. Until and unless you are going out for a trip for a month or more, keep your footwear basic. Have a pair of the types of shoes you need. Pick a versatile flats that you can pull off with everything.

De-clutter Jewellery:

Oh yes, this one can get us all messed up. Just like shoes, all women can never say no to jewellery (some of them are exceptional though). Segregate your jewellery properly in the jewellery storage box and pack it in. If you don’t have one, invest in one jewellery storage box or else you can place everything in small boxes for every outfit.

Sample-Sized Products:

You don’t want to leave behind all those goodies which gives you a refreshing look right? You don’t have to carry all those huge bottles around. Pick up small sized portions of the same and get them in your bag. Yes, this is space management!

Bulky Items Anyone?

We all those bulky items in your kity which we cannot avoid. For things like that, don’t have them in your bag, instead wear them on and you can save those extra bucks on cargo.

Smart hacks isn’t it? Next time you travel, keep this in mind and you can enjoy your vacation not being bothered about your outfits or luggage altogether!

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