9 Types Of Cheese From Around the World

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 30, 2016


Cheese has always been an ingredient which entices people to have it more. It is known for making food tempting and irresistible. Come take a tour around the world and get to know the different cheese’s made:

Mozzarella cheese, Italy:


One of the most famous and most sought after cheese’s these days is the Mozzarella from Italy. Its soft, milky, curdy texture is incomparable to anything else. Made from buffalo milk, this doesn’t age fast and is easy enough to make at home.

Gouda cheese, Netherlands:


One of the ancient cheese’s made initially since the evolution of humans is the gouda cheese from the Netherlands. Mostly served with apple syrup/ sugar and mustard which is a perfect amalgamation of the crunchy and sweet flavours.

Brie Cheese, France:


“The Queen of cheese’s” from the land of Fashion and Style, France is the Brie Cheese! It comes with a tangy, fruity flavour and is as smooth as butter. Initially, it has a white colour but gains a brown tinge as it starts aging. The brown brie is the one to go for as it tastes amazing.

Parmigiano - Reggiano, Italy:


Popularly known as the Parmesan Cheese, the Parmigiano - Reggiano as the name goes hails from the land of Italy which is the birthplace of many exotic dishes. It won the title as “The King of the Cheese’s” which is hard and nutty in nature and used in diverse soups and salads.

Manchego Cheese, Spain:


An interesting cheese from the land of Spain is the Manchego cheese. Its zigzag pattern upon the cheese are the impressions of the basket in which the cheese is put into to be prepared which is now automated. The sweet and tangy taste are a treat to one’s tastebuds.

Cheddar Cheese, United Kingdom:


From the land of the United Kingdom is the cheddar, a cheese with a very sharp and acute taste. Made of cow’s milk, this cheese is hard and has an off-white colour or rather a cheese with a tinge of red. This is the second most popular cheese in the United States of America.

Emmentaler cheese, Switzerland:


That picture of cheese that always comes to one’s mind when mentioned about Tom & Jerry is the Emmentaler or Emmantel Cheese. It finds its roots in Switzerland and is made of unpasteurized cow’s milk. As mild it is, it gets savoury as it melts on your taste buds. This original Swiss cheese is an absolute treat to your taste buds.

Roquefort cheese, France:


Made from sheep’s milk, the Roquefort cheese is also known as “the Cheese of Kings and Popes”. Being one of the most expensive cheeses in the world, this one was the favourite of Charlemagne, a French Emperor. This helps one to fight cardiovascular diseases and helps people maintain their health.

Chechil Cheese, Armenia:


Seems strange, doesn’t it? Originating from Armenia, this brine of cheese sting is a perfect partner in crime with your favourite beer, making one to be lost in a completely different world of extensive food fantasy luxury. The Chechil Cheese is indeed one of a kind.

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