All You Need To Know About iPhone 7

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 09, 2016

The much rumored about smartphone has now arrived. All the hype about the iPhone 7 comes to an end now with its release at the Apple’s Launch Event of the same at San Francisco. Here are the new things which Apple focused on.

New Colour  Variants:

The iPhone 7 and iPhone7+ comes in 2 new colours, black which has a matte look and jet black which has a glossy look in addition to the existing iPhone classic colours of silver, gold and rosegold. The complete look is much similar to the iPhone 6 series design.

Water and Dust Resistant:

If you are caught up in rain or in the shower, you can still use this iPhone7 well without any interruption. This latest iPhone release is dust resistant and water resistant as well which can survive and function well to a maximum of 50 meters of water pressure.

Redesigned Home Button:

The all new home button is completely redesigned which is a force sensitive and solid state button which has an in-built fingerprint sensor. It gives you the similar feeling of using your MacBook’s trackpad.


Similar to the display size and resolutions of the iPhone 6 series, the iPhone 7 series is however 25% brighter which makes the colours pop up much better when you are using it. This improves the visibility with no doubt at all.


One of the main die hard feature of the iPhone is it’s exceptional camera resolution. It comes with a 7 megapixel front camera which is improves your selfies and facetime quality. The dual rear camera’s are something which needs to be talked about. It is a 12 megapixel resolution camera which possess twice the focal length improving the portraits capture. This 28mm focal length which can be magnified up to 56 mm focal length is included in the iPhone7+ model. Whatever the moment, you can now capture it with greater clarity and resolution. It has a slider wheel for zoom which makes it easier to focus on the subject rather than using the boring regular horizontal sliders to increase the focal length during the image capture.

Lightning Earpods:

Apple ditched the regular 3.5mm jack for the earpods from the previous designs for the lightning earpods which comes with a lightning port which looks like a usb cable connect to the device. If you would like to use the regular earpods of the Apple’s, you can use it with this new release by purchasing a lightning adapter which costs some extra bucks.

The Airpods:

The wireless earpods is the newest product that is featured in this release. These airpods come in a charging battery case all without any cables which helps you get rid of the tangling-detangling annoying process. It fits in your ears securely but seems like it can fall off while you’re moving around. Apart from the amazing connectivity, the airpods have a touch sensitive back which allows you to talk to Siri. This is made possible as it has an in-built microphone feature as well. All in all these airpods come with a battery backup of 5 hours.

The Speakers:

The stereo speakers with this release are louder than the previous version releases which are located in the top and the bottom of the iPhone respectively.

Other Specs:

Nonetheless, it works on Apple 10 chipset and a quad core processor which gives a better performance when it comes to its previous releases.

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