Amazing Christmas Home Decor Ideas For 2016

by Monica Barthalomeo | Dec 09, 2016

We’ve just entered the Christmas season! The time for love, laughter, gifts, family and friends is here! Oh how much do all of us wait for this holiday season every year! And the Christmas season for 2016 has just ticked in. As much as the enjoyment, fun and frolic is important, so is it also the time for revamping your home style and reconsidering decorating your home to create a perfect ambience for everyone to feel cozy and makes everyone hang around for longer time. Here are some quick home decor ideas for this Christmas which you can effortlessly pull off like a pro.

The Nativity Crib:

One of the main reasons to celebrate Christmas is to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Have a small crib put up in a corner which is at an average eye level and you are done with one of the main decor’s of Christmas. A crib will help you to remember the good things that happened to you and celebrate amazing moments with your all your loved ones. As you gaze at the manger you can gather with everyone at Christmas time and have a carols sing-a-long having a wonderful time to bond with each other.

The Scented Candles:

Add warmth to your environment and create a dramatic look with the scented candles. Be it your living room, your bedroom, these candles create an impact transitions the look of your house into a complete new dimension.

Got No Scented Candles???

There are times that one can miss out on certain things. In all the holiday buzz the chances of you forgetting things stand on high. You shouldn’t worry much in times like these. All you need to do is get some oranges and cloves or cinnamon sticks in a kettle. Add water to the mixture and allow it to cook slowly. The fragrances of the cinnamon sticks, oranges and cloves add a pleasant scent to your home making it more appealing.

The Holly:

How can you miss out on one of the most important decor item of the season? The Holly it is! Hang a large one on your entrance door or hang smaller ones in various places in your home. It will add elements of the evergreen in your home making it appear colourful and vibrant.

Candy Canes??? Oh Yes!

Candy canes are one of the interesting elements of decoration this season. Hang it on your kitchen window provided your window doesn’t face the stove. Use amazing satin ribbons to add a classy touch to it.

The Christmas Tree!!!

How can anyone think about doing away with the Christmas tree in this season. It is one of the main home decor’s which brings a smile on everyone’s face from kids to the adults. The moments when children await to open presents under the Christmas tree is one of the most wonderful moments of the season.

The Christmas Ladder:

You can go for a completely new look of the Christmas tree. You might be having a ladder left which you haven’t used for years. Get it painted well with amazing Christmas colours and stack up planks of wood on different levels based on the height. Having the largest plank at the last level and the smallest one resting above. Put on some cotton on all the planks to create a snow effect and place all your Christmas special goodies on the planks. Decorate it with lights throughout the skeleton of the ladder and you can have your home lit up with the completely new Christmas tree decor.  

Incorporate these ideas into your home decor and you can transform your home into a complete new dimension making it look amazingly appealing to the eyes spreading the joy of Christmas.

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