Brazilian Soccer Team Dies in a Plane Crash in Columbia

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 29, 2016

The Brazil soccer team was scheduled to play the Copa Sudamericana final against the Medellin’s Atletico Nacional team this Wednesday. This plane was responsible for ferrying the Chapecoense Soccer Team First Division to Medellin from Southern Brazil which halted in  Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

With 81 people on board, a chartered aircraft also having the current Brazilian soccer team crashes as it was heading to the Medellin’s airport Colombia. All the players were heading to Colombia to play for the finals of a regional tournament.

The Colombian police confirmed the death of 76 individuals and 5 survivors who were boarded on the plane. As per the report there were 6 survivors earlier but one died in the hospital. Aviation authorities revealed the reason behind the aircraft crash was an electrical failure which was reported at around 0300 GMT to them. Though help was sent immediately all stands to no avail.

All the journalists have been kept abay from the place where the crash had taken place in order to make it easy for the ambulances and the rescuers to have access to the zone. Off late, the area has been prone to heavy rains.

The Aviation authorities reported that the aircraft had 72 passengers and 9 crew members in total. There was not much threat of having all the players being boarded on the plane as the same aircraft transported the Argentina’s national team and the Venezuelan national team in the recent past.

The team joined the Brazilian soccer team in 2014 who are all located from a small town Chapeco since the 1970’s for the first time. The Chapeconese team made it to the Copa Sudamericana Finals last week upon defeating the San Lorenzo Squad of Argentina. The Copa Sudamericana is similar the UEFA Europa League Tournament. Who did ever think that such an incident would occur when all of them were in a high if achieving their dreams? 

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