Cash On Delivery Restrained by Online Shopping Sites

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 17, 2016

Obsessed with stringent goal to wipe out corruption, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared the demonetization rule which is affecting every person in the country. Troubling and causing havoc to all which includes both the haves and the have-not’s, the demonetization is being set ablaze with no turning back.

This move has indeed caused a huge economic turmoil in the country be it the common man, the business people and everything else. The irony of the situation is that, though people have the so called money which has overnight turned into junk, is unable to help them to make their required purchases.

Most of the shopping done online is completely dependent on the Cash on delivery option which is a massive number. Research reveals that this option covers almost 0.5% to 80% of the sales which is of a great impact. Now in days like these, the cash on delivery option has been put on hold by the eCommerce moguls and other players as well which will save them from massive trouble in the near future. and Snapdeal have restricted the cash on delivery option temporarily for its customers in order to facilitate cash on hands to accommodate their daily immediate requirements. Shopclues too held back the cash on delivery option worth 1500 or more which is believed to strengthen their long term business strategy while Flipkart has laid a benchmark of not accepting orders worth above Rs. 2000.

All these moves will somehow direct people to get used to paying using their bank cards or digital money which can change the course of the business transactions done. The cashless transactions got a complete nod from the people though.
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