Do it In Style This Dussehra!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Oct 11, 2016

The whole country is now being swept in a wave of Dusshera! This festival has 2 different mythological stories from two different yuga’s. One of the famous mythical stories celebrated during this time is the victory of Ram over Ravan. Hence it is celebrated or called as Vijayadashami or Dasara or Dussehra.

Another famous mythical stories celebrated during this time are the Goddess Durga killing the demon Mahishasur which is significantly celebrated in West Bengal, Gujarat and South India. No matter which story is given much preference based on the geographical place you are located in India, it calls for a universal celebration of Victory of Good over evil! This festive mood calls in for you to get something new, here are a  few attractive Dussehra Offers make yourself and your loved ones happy.

Do it in style this festive season and Beat the boredom away with these Dussehra offers.

Fashion For Women:

Going ethnic is the right thing to do now! Drape in elegance with the graceful sarees. Take your pick from either the glorious silks and let exuberate the goodness in you or go in for the modern look with the amalgamation of design and fabrics. You will look awesome in any of them. With so many fashion ideas, you can never run out of style!

If you don’t want to sport a saree, consider wearing an embellished anarkali or an embroidered salwar kameez which has rich colour combinations. Pair them up with appropriate fashion jewellery and the footwear that enhances your look and gait. You are now set to take over the head turning looks from everyone anywhere you are.

Fashion For Men:

Men have various options these days for the ethnic wear unlike the days of the past. Sport the timeless sherwani’s to portray the royal rajwada look. Pick from various rich colour combinations like red’s with beige, royal blue’s, bottle greens, etc. You can adopt a contrast colour combination or go in for a self colour theme. Wear this on with a beautifully crafted mojari’s which complements your entire look and you are set.

If you don’t want to go in for that rich look, go in for your regular but rich coloured cotton kurtas and pyjamas. Team them with a proper ethnic not so embellished footwear for a neat look. You are ready to go for the puja and the celebrations.

Fashion For Kids:

How lovely your little ones look cute and cuddly when they are dressed in the ethnic style! The happiness and cuteness is overloaded right! Be it the amazing lehengas, ghagra cholis, anarkali’s, kurti’s or anything, your baby girl looks very cute in these bright Indian style. Your smart baby boy looks ravishing with the embellished kurta’s, bright waist coats, indo western style sets. The list goes endless for the kids. They look more adorable in any outfit they are in.

Apart from fashion, you might need some gadgets to stack up these memories. Purchase various electronic gadgets like dslr cameras, smartphones and much more. Take advantage of these amazing Dussehra offers and shop for your loved ones and yourself to look sharp this festive season.

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