How To Choose The Right Fitbit For You?

by Monica Barthalomeo | Oct 27, 2016

Everyone is getting caught up in the wave of fitbit these days. With so many releases, it has become quite a challenge for all to choose the right one. Irrespective of the price point, there are many features available for the fitbits, however there are some exceptional features for a few of them. Based on the fitness needs of every person, here is how you choose the right fitbit.

Fitbit For The Starters: Fitbit Zip

For all those people who are getting started with their fitness regime, the Zip from Fitbit can do you much good. It can push you to leading a healthy lifestyle rather than just sitting around and watching TV or not having much to do with physical activity. Comes in 4-5 colours and it uses a replaceable coin battery which can last for about 6 months on a charge. The LCD screen it comes with doesn’t have a backlit which means you can’t have a glance at it in the dark.    

For the Fashionable And Fit: Fitbit Flex

For all the fashionable yet fitness freaks, here is the Flex from Fitbit for you! Choose from about 10 colour variants which goes well with your attire. Offering sleep tracking and silent alarms, you are at a disadvantage if you have this one though, it doesn’t track if you climb up or down the stairs. A basic one for all the fashion folks, the fitbit flex makes a perfect wrist band which is water resistant as well.

For the One’s Who Don’t Want To Show Off: Fitbit One

Available in 2 colour variants of burgundy and black, the fitbit one tracks even the amount of time you sleep, keeps a count about you doing the stairs and alerts you with silent alarms as well. Fits perfectly in your pocket and you might find it difficult to read it in the sunlight due to the reflective OLED screen though. This is perfect for all those folks who don’t want to show off that they are using a fitness tracker but yet want to have every physical activity of theirs tracked.

For the Techie Fitness Nerds: Fitbit Charge

Sure that you can sync your smartphone with all the fitbit’s, but this one is exceptional. The Fitbit Charge displays the caller Id notifications as well apart from tracking the amount of time you sleep. Available in 4 colours, this one has a good battery life compared to the other initial fitbit releases. This one also tracks the rate of your heartbeat and the amount of calories you burn. How cool is that? It is the best pick for the techie nerds who purchase mid range tech products.

For The Complete Fitness Aficionados : Fitbit Surge

For those who fancy having a bulk watch like fitness tracker, fitbit Surge is the answer! This one is bound to look good on you. This one has a built-in GPS tracker which allows you to navigate well and you cannot get afford to get lost with this one. Another amazing feature that Surge has it allows you to control the music playback and call notifications on your smartphone as well. Everything will be displayed on the screen, from maps to different types of exercises you would want to work on. This is much better than having to use the app. From displaying the current heartbeat rate, sleep tracking, tracking multiple activities, elapsed time, distance travelled, every thing will be displayed on a single screen. Perfect right? The downside of having it is that it is not water resistant and you have to recharge it at times during the day to benefit from it totally.

Now that you have an idea of what you need when you own a fitbit, you can get one for yourself with ease.

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