How To Pose Like A Fashionista?

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 12, 2016

There is one such breed of us in the world who is crazy of fashion and selfies. What could be more better than posing and shouting out loud the new look of yours to the world? It is infact the best thing. We might find it difficult many a times to flaunt our stuff. Oh yes, we are bored of the regular happy face look or the outrated pout all have become too mainstream. Here are some easy ways to strut yourself in style and pose like a fashionista.

The Classic Tea-Pot:

Oh, the one that most people are crazy of these days, the classic tea pot style. All you need to do is place your hands on your hip and voila! Take a click! This look makes you appear thinner than usual and draws attention your hips.

The Busy Queen Bee:

Ever found yourself busy than usual when you are out on a shopping spree or doing something else and you are crossing the street? Yes, nothing can get better than taking a click at that moment. One of the perfect looks for you to look like a pro.

The Bended Knees:

Rather than standing and smiling at the camera regularly, try popping out your knee. Bend your knee outside having your foot pointing inward. This pose makes your legs look longer than usual and on of the chic looks of all times.

The Tilt:

The popular Leaning Tower of Pizza, is famous for it tilt right? Why don’t we steal this look from the wonder of the world? The next time you are ready for the click, tilt your head to take a perfect confident picture. This one shows your confidence and your positive self-image.

The Cross-Legged Standpoint:

One of the favourite looks of all times is the cross-legged pose. Cross your legs one over the other as you stand. Have your hand touching your head or steal it with a smile. This one too elongates your legs. You can pull off any look with this pose.

The Laid Back Admirer:

Nothing can beat this pose when you want to flaunt your fashion coupled with oodles of attitude. The laid back style is indeed an outstanding look for the one who wants to look like a powerhouse of energy. Take a click as you gaze at something at a distance from you and look like a power house.

The Flamingo:

Well maybe this one has been inspired by the flamingoes. Whatever, we love this pose. Stand sideways and pop your leg out yes, just like a flamingo. This one shows your tenaciousness. Oh yes, you will love this look indeed.

A Step Ahead:

We believe in always being ahead and moving ahead. So why not show this off in your next click? Put one foot forward and let one behind. One of the classics of posing is here. All the elements of your outfit will be clearly visible in this look.

So the next time you are posing, go in for these and you will have a different profile of clicks altogether.

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