Indian Foods That Are Not Actually Indian!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Aug 30, 2016

Rich in cultural heritage, India is known for a multitude of good things around the world ever since it was discovered by Vasco Da Gama at the dusk of the 15th Century A.D. From that time forward until now, India attracted the world in the most unusual way which created real unpleasant circumstances though. However, this has introduced many things which India adapted into its cultural. This indeed shows how welcoming and hospitable we are. Let us take a look how these invasions brought forth twist in the taste of India.

Throughout India, all of us can never swallow a morsel of food without chili being incorporated in a dish right. We think that it is Indian. Here is the twist, chili was introduced by the Portuguese to us. Apart from chillis, tomatoes and the irresistible potatoes that we can’t do without everyday was also brought by the Portuguese to India.

How we love having a quick delicious yummy treat of hot Jalebi’s dunked in hot milk. Think it is Indian??? No, it is not! It is a Middle Eastern dish popularly known as Zulabiya in Arabian and Zalibiya in Persian. It was introduced to India by the Central Asian traders in the medieval period.

Our very own Samosas, how we relish every bite of it! To our surprise, samosa too finds its roots in the Middle East. This delicious munchie that we love to eat anytime was also introduced by the Central Asian invaders. Apart from it the naans were also introduced by them as well. Central Asia has indeed quite an impact on our food.