Is Hyderabad becoming the Next Delhi in terms of Smog?

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 17, 2016

The largest polluted city in the world is Riyadh located in Saudi Arabia and the second largest polluted city in the world is Delhi, India! Taken up by surprise is it? These were the results announced after a thorough research was done by the World Health Organization (WHO).

These days, the pollution levels in this great capital of ours is surpassing the average levels of pollution. You heard of that place being covered with fog in the past right? But now when you step in the place, it is no longer the fog but smog. The increase in the use of vehicles emitting pollution at large, the industrialization and much more, all contribute to the smog’s prevalence in Delhi.

You might have come across some posts in social media showing the irony of pollution in Delhi right? Banning crackers is not the solution but keeping a check on the vehicle emissions do us much good. Now leave aside Delhi, we have our very own Hyderabad gesturing us the same as that of Delhi’s climate.

With the massive increase in the number of companies in the IT parks and hubs, infrastructure development in various facets has picked up. The impact of these drastic changes over the years in the recent past is gesturing the Hyderabadi’s something to be taken seriously.

When observed during the day, the weather we think it is fog. But when you see something blinding everything from a distance yet you don’t feel the chills, it must be thought about which is not fog but smog. While considering Hyderabad on these grounds, will Hyderabad transform into a next Delhi?

Before we can answer this question, we need to take the required steps to avoid such situations from occurring which will make us prone to a number of illnesses and have a bad impact on our health, economy and the nation at large.

It’s not only Delhi or Hyderabad that we need to bother about, we know the adage, Prevention is Better than Cure. Instead of waiting for such times and circumstances to creep up in the city and our environment, we need to take measures to keep all such stuff a bay from us. The world we live in must be made a better place for all to live in for the future generations in particular.

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