Know Your Baby’s Skin Better!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Aug 23, 2016

We all know the happiness that the little ones brings in one’s life and family when they come in! It is one of the most beautiful and cherishable moments like no other, absolutely divine! The little one sparks happiness and joy in all our lives. They indeed put an effortless smile on all our faces. But the mother of the child feels all the more special as she gave birth to her precious one. It is a feeling like being lost in paradise all the time. The eyes of her babe seems like oceans of love which she always delves deeper as the moments pass by. As equally as the baby spreads love, being a mother here are some important yet surprising facts about your sweetheart’s skin that you are oblivious about.

Your little one’s skin is the largest possession of his/her body. Not all babies are born with a peach complexion. In the initial months your loved ones skin might be not as perfect with bumps and blotches. You should not be worried about that much as the baby grows, the skin will turn much clearer.

Premature Grease:

All lovely things, need not be really pretty. Yes, if you have birthed your baby prior to the due date, i.e., a premature baby is likely to be covered with a fine layer of hair all over the body. The baby’s skin might also seem greasy as it will be coated with a cheesy grease like substance which will take a day or two to get cleared. Giving your baby a bath for a day or two will wash off all the grease away.

Reddish-Purple Skin! Cute Isn't it???

These sweet little fellas are all endowed with a reddish purple skin texture for the first few days after their birth irrespective of their ethnic background. So be it red, yellow, black, brown or white, these angels are a perfect example of harmony in the world. It might even take a maximum of six months for your baby to develop and have a permanent skin.

Baby Texture:

Apart from having a greasy skin texture, the baby’s skin will be prone to developing white heads and some blemishes upon their face. This happens with almost 30 to 40% of the new born babies as the research suggests. If not for these white heads, your baby might even develop short-term red rashes which occurs all over the body. You don’t have to worry in such times. It will heal by itself within no time at all. This happens as the baby’s skin is not thick like an adults, which is why it is vulnerable to the environment.

Moisturizing Basics:

As soft and agile it is, your baby’s skin is rather much drier than an adult’s skin. You need to ensure that your baby’s skin is moisturized properly. The moisturizer as many wonders it does to your skin as an adult, heals and repairs your baby’s skin much more faster. Moisturizing your precious one’s skin during the day and night will keep the skin healthy and lovely.

Why Does Your Baby Turn Red While Crying????

The super thin skin of your baby says a lot about how she/he feels. Though the cuteness factor of your baby is unbeatable, the truth remains that the skin is extremely thin which is literally a see through glass for you to look at his/her body veins. Cuddle up close to your little one as the lovely pink textured skin will turn blue when he/she feels cold. We all know that this is the reason why we see their face turn red hot when they cry. Oh the lovely transparent skin of the baby is like heaven!

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