8 Lip-Colour Classics Of All Times!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Aug 30, 2016

One of the essential beauty products women have been using since long are the Lip-colours or rather the Lipsticks as they are called. For now these beauty wonder workers have been in vogue since long as it enhances and exemplifies ones look. With the advancement in technology many lip-colours have evolved until now. Seems like we have an ocean of lip-colours to choose from with the minutest differences which completely changes the details of the look when applied. Here is the list of the classic lip-colour shades which you can always bank on without having any second thoughts.

The Classy Reds:

When in doubt, wear red! There can be nothing more classy than giving your look a finishing touch with a classy red lipcolour. It can do wonders for your look like no other and shifts the attention to your beauty rather than the flaws.

The High-Class Ruby:

Anyone can flaunt the enticing Ruby look. This is an irresistible one which can make anyone look fabulous within no time at all. It goes well with any type of skin tone and works well for any occasion. Be assured that you can never go wrong with it.

The Iconic Cinnamon Brown's:

Want to get an iconic and an understated look all at once? This lip-colour is ready to give you the desired look. Be it a high-profile corporate meeting or planning for a casual day out, the cinnamon brown is the to-go lip-colour for you and it is a total yes to flaunt the power packed look.

The Swanky Fuschia: