Ola! In-Car Entertainment Is Here!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 23, 2016

You might be wondering what the in-car entertainment is all about right? Well Ola, the Bengaluru based car aggregator pan India made a complete new move in the segment by introducing Ola Play. Launched in order to make all the Ola users have an amazing experience during the rides, this app is going to make everyone love Ola for doing this. Mr. Bhavish Aggarwal, the CEO of Ola mentioned that they have taken this leap of faith after a massive number crunch done on the amount of time that people spend travelling every day amounts to 60 million minutes which is an equivalent of 60,000 minutes.

Every time until now, people who board any taxi or any other cab aggregators vehicle doesn’t get the freedom to choose to control the vehicle in terms of radio, AC or anything else. With Ola Play, the riders will have complete authorization to regulate the AC temperature, control FM stations, volume and also regulate or provide the high speed internet.

The perks of this app is amazing as all the riders can travel in Ola as their private cars/vehicles. They can regulate and change stuff while they are riding and take advantage of the ride completely. Leaving the vehicle under the control of customers is what Ola tapped into. This initiative took about 12 months to be put together.

Every time a customer enters the car, the customer's phone will be connected to the Ola play system which will be installed in the car. The complete hardware was built in collaboration with Qualcomm. Once the phone is connected, the system will know all the prime locations of the user as in home, work and music preferences as well.

To make this project effectively work for the customers, Ola collaborated with various other entertainment sector names one of the prime one being Apple Music. This is indeed a huge step taken by Ola through which it wants to overtake the international cab service aggregator Uber!

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