Telangana Going Cashless With T-Wallet

by Monica Barthalomeo | Dec 22, 2016

The demonetization sweep it is since 8th November 2016. This move made by our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has created a havoc in the complete economic system which got hold of everyone from the rich to the poor just like we have the natural disasters being merciless to all. Though our feelings might be negative, this has been done keeping the long run prosperity of the country in mind.

In collaboration with this move made by the Prime Minister the Telangana government is going cashless as a new T-Wallet is being introduced in order to facilitate all kinds of payments online pertaining to the government. All these benefits will be offered to the people free of cost.

The IT Minister for the state Mr. K. Taraka Rama Rao declared early this week that all the  

the Chief Minister Shri K. Chandrashekar Rao will be undertaking all the details regarding the same. This initiative has been introduced in order to make it easy for people to make all their payments with transparency. This will bring in transparency in both government and private financial transactions.

The panel that met up for discussion requested all the bank and government officials to encourage people to use the T-Wallet to enable a smooth transition from cash payments to digital payments. The IT Secretary of the State Mr. Jayesh Ranjan made it clear that the app will be user friendly having state of the art features and security measures in-built in the system keeping all kinds of users in mind.

Apart from introducing the app, all people will be educated as in how to use the same so that everyone remains on the same page. This is indeed an amazing initiative taken by the government of Telangana in support to the demonetization move.

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