The Ultimate Kitchen Artillery Guide

by Monica Barthalomeo | Oct 19, 2016

Dicing, Chopping, Slicing and more are your kitchen weapons which are used the most. You might be using the same knife for everything you need to work on and cook to prepare a scrumptious meal. Using the right knives will surely help you to get your work done faster. You might have seen chefs on television shows using different knives to do different chores right? This can get confusing a bit. Here is your ultimate guide to your kitchen artillery.

Cook’s Knife:

Also known as the chef’s knife, this one has a blade length ranging from 6 - 14 inches. The average ones you will find are the 8 inch blade length ones. A multi purpose blade which is triangular wide shaped and curved at an angle which is easy to move in a rocky motion. It can be used for dicing, mincing, chopping and slicing.

Kitchen Knife:

Used for cutting vegetables, fruits and meats, the kitchen knife is a versatile one. Ranging from 6 - 8 inches, the blade has a gentle curve towards the tip with a straight edge back.

Santoku Knife:

Have you witnessed any chef over any cooking show mincing and chopping stuff in the finest way possible? It is the Santoku knife he/she used. It is a perfect tool for mincing, chopping, scooping and making thin cuts on any kind of meat. It is wider than usual and ranging in length from 5 - 7 inches.

Slicing Knife:

The long bladed knife which ranges in length from 14 - 18 inches, the slicing knife is used for carving meat chunks and slicing as well. As you use this knife to cut and carve meats, it retains the juices in it from draining out.

Paring Knife:

Want to make your food look like a  glorious piece of artwork? The paring knife helps you do it smartly. This small yet sharp instrument has a blade which is  2 - 4 inches long and helps in peeling, mincing, removing the eyes in potatoes and coring.


The widest blade is the cleaver which has a length ranging from 6 -10 inches. Used for cutting through ribs, smashing garlic, scooping, slitting and disjoining meats. You will not need this until you are a chef or some butler. If you are food enthusiast, you will have this one in your home trying different kinds of meat the exotic way.

Bread Knife:

Ever baked bread at home? Found difficult to slice it with your regular kitchen knife? You are supposed to use this bread knife which cuts through the bread with its zigzag edge or rather the serrated edge. Apart from cutting breads, you can use this one to cuts fruits and vegetables which have tough skins.  

Filet Knife:

The name itself gives you hints, doesn’t it? It is used for cutting through meat intricately. This long narrow blade with a gentle curved tip helps one to separate the bones, cartilage and skin. This works best for cutting the fish filets.

Now that you’ve got some ed on your kitchen artillery, you are ready to use them and create magic with food. Happy Cooking!

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