Top 7 Dog Breeds That Help Fight Depression

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 27, 2016

The whole world calls them, “A Man’s Best Friend”. Since times of the old, their faithfulness has been unquestionable. They have been helpful to the human race like no other creature. The dogs are an absolute delight of many. As of now, there are about 340 breeds of dogs that are recognized throughout the world. Apart from helping people and guarding them, these faithful creatures have added true value by taking the relationship to the next level that most people connect to them emotionally. Here are some breeds of dogs that help people fight depression.

Golden Retriever:

If you have watched the movie Airbuddies, you will surely remember this friendly, caring and loving breed. Their extremely playful nature will ease your mind of stress. Be it swimming, running or the most clichéd fetching will keep them on their toes which will make you extremely joyful.  


Known for being passionate about taking care of themselves just like cats, the Vizla breed are one of the dog breeds which actually don’t smell like dogs. Unlike any other breed, they are fit without having any major health issues and are marvelously smart. All these qualities make them a perfect fit for adopting as a pet which will help you alienate from depression.  

Labrador Retriever:

The loving, family friendly and loyal Labrador Retrievers will put a smile on your face every time you see them. Known to be dependable, they are always there when you need them the most and they drive the anxiety away.   

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel are really affectionate and they remain the happiest folks when in the lap of their loved ones. Also known as the Love Sponge which was popularized by Animal Planet, these ones gel well with children and are easy to train.


Known to be the cutest and prettiest of all the breeds, the Poodle is a people pleasing one. They indeed love to be around the one whom they love and are the socialites among all the breeds of dogs. No wonder they are always featured in movies among the socialite groups. They make very good companions with children and help you fight depression the pretty way out.

Yorkshire Terrier:

The adorable Yorkshire Terrier is a one of a kind cutest companion you would ever want to have. They amazing mane is naturally cut in proper layer which covers its eyes and it is indeed difficult to sneak into its eyes. Being one of the most loveable and easy to train breeds, they love playing with toys and don’t mind staying indoors.


We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and shouldn’t take a pug for its all time grumpy face. These cute adorable creatures are a heartthrob of many and incredibly snuggly and friendly. They make a perfect companion for those battling depression, however they cannot stay fit in hot temperatures and have certain breathing problems.

These best friends of man are indeed a delight to be with. They help you reduce the feelings of isolation and loneliness when you are battling depression. If you know someone who is a victim of depression get your friends together and why not consider gifting the person one of these beautiful and friendly creatures?

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