Top 8 Best Herbal Teas You Can Have For Better Health

by Monica Barthalomeo | Nov 07, 2016

One of the best hot beverages that one can have is tea. Loaded with diverse benefits, we have tea which can treat various issues we face everyday concerning our health. With endless benefits proven by science as well, we have tea’s ranging in various flavours. Here is a list of few herbal teas which can give you immediate health benefits.

Black Tea:

Having black tea will regulate the blood sugar levels which is good for people who are diagnosed with diabetes. It also lowers the risk of any kind of heart disease and is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Peppermint Tea:

One of the best remedies if you are down with cold is treat yourself with this peppermint tea. A perfect remedy for cold which acts as a decongestant. Incase you suffer from frequent hunger pangs during the day, having this tea will suppress your appetite which aids in weight management. It is also loaded with anti-inflammatory properties.

White Tea:

For those who never heard, yes we do have white tea! Being generously loaded with antioxidants and antibacterial properties, white tea is known to regulate blood pressure, reduce the risk of various cancers. It is these properties that sets it apart from others. Yet another thing this magnificent tea is famous for is it’s anti-aging properties. So want to remain and look young, try this one!

Ginger Tea:

Known for its amazing anti-inflammatory properties, the ginger tea is known to relieve is you have sore muscles, reduce menstrual cramps and soothes the stomach. For all those who fancy going out a cruise and feel sea sick, in those times, having ginger tea will help you get rid of that condition.

Chamomile Tea:

Since ages, the chamomile tea is used as a remedy to cure stomach and sleep related issues. Having a cup of chamomile tea is known to help put a person to sleep soon. So if you are suffering from insomnia, try having this one. Also known to reduce puffy eyes, this one can also be used as a perfect anti-bacterial mouth wash.

Cinnamon Tea:

One of the most flavourful teas is the cinnamon tea which fights various viruses and is rich in the antioxidants content. Known to help people diagnosed with arthritis as it helps alleviate the pain in their joints and is very helpful for those who struggle from bad cholesterol levels in their body.

Green Tea:

One of the richest tea’s in antioxidant properties is the green tea as it is less processed compared to the others. If anyone is diagnosed with high blood pressure, having green tea everyday will keep the blood pressure regulated, it helps one to calm down and be relaxed easing any kind of stress and also helps in reducing the levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

Hibiscus Tea:

In times of extreme heat, there can be nothing more relieving than having a cup of hibiscus tea. Rich in vitamins like vitamin C, it also possesses the properties to lower blood pressure and can help one get refreshed in no time at all.

Based on the your health requirements, pick anyone of these teas and drink your way healthy to a better health.

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