Top 9 Health Benefits Of Having Green Tea

by Monica Barthalomeo | Dec 06, 2016

The healthiest of the beverages on earth is the green tea loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that does a lot of good to your body. From getting rid of the extra fat in the body to reducing the risk of cancer that is likely to occur in the body, green tea has a perfect insurance coverage for such ailments. Here is why the green tea is very beneficial to anyone who has it.

Fights Obesity

Having green tea increases your metabolism rate. By increasing the content of a compound of polyphenol in the green tea which is released to burn the fat in the body. As the oxidation of fat increases, the extra pounds are being shed in your body which makes you get slimmer. So if want to get rid of the weight, have green tea regularly.

Curbs Diabetes

Apart from burning fat in the body, this magical beverage also reduces the levels of glucose production in the body which will help curb the sugar levels in the body. Having green tea helps one to reduce the intake of insulin.

Protects From Heart Diseases

Having green tea helps in relaxing the blood vessels in order to avoid any blood pressure issues. This also helps in preventing the formation of clots which are one of the main reasons for the cause of heart attacks.

Regulates Cholesterol

As this beverage helps in regulating blood pressure, it is understood that it also helps in the reduction of bad cholesterol content in the body. By doing so, the content of the good cholesterol increases in the body which improves your health.

Makes You Smarter

Want to become smarter? Consider having green tea! It sounds strange that this compound contains the caffeine as well. It’s not about our thinking but it sure does. This is present not in abundance as in coffee but it is present in appropriate levels which is enough to act as a stimulant which tends to make one smarter by improving the brain functions.

Combats Depression

Depression is one of the major mental illness haunting many all over the earth. Though there are no sure shot ways to get out of this mental condition but having green tea will help one suffering from depression better as it has a tranquilizing and calming effect on a person. It contains a particular amino acid compound called theanine which helps it to fight the depression you face.

Makes You Look Younger

Want to look younger? Are the signs of aging troubling you? The antioxidants in the green tea helps slow down the aging process. This means lesser wrinkles and more youthful look. If you are the person whose skin has been damaged by long exposure to the sun light, this drink is said to reduce the damage caused by the sun to the skin.

Reduces the Risk Of Cancer

One of the main diseases haunting our generation like crazy every other day is cancer. This replication of unwanted cells in the body which undermines the growth of the total body is an adverse thing that could ever happen to anyone. As green tea is rich in antioxidants, this is proved to reduce the risk of various cancers including prostate, breast, esophageal cancers as well.

Lowers Stress:

Just like depression, stress is one thing which everyone is exposed to irrespective of the age group. The theanine component in green tea helps fight stress and creates a calming effect in your body.  

Just keep in mind that having green tea with milk mixed in it is a bad combination. Though it tastes little unpleasant, it is worth it to have the drink everyday without going in for the taste. It does you much good, so have it before

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