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by Monica Barthalomeo | Aug 30, 2016

Technology is drastically evolving to the greater heights as times and years are progressing. Who knows that the whole world would get caught in the tsunami of smartphone craze? Be it an iPhone, Samsung, Moto G or anything else, technology has indeed transformed our lives and its impact is difficult to comprehend. Here is our list of the best trending smartphones which is the right combination of price, features and performance. After all, a smartphone does so much good to any individual.

The recent smartphone roll outs come with the hardware combination of a regular laptop. In all aspects, smartphones are beating the regular electronic gadgets we use these days. The picture resolution of some of the latest smartphones is as close as 2K when compared to the laptop’s resolution of 1080 pixels. The ram capacity of leading smartphones features a DDR4 4GB RAM which is as good as a regular laptop.  All in all, the smartphones are overtaking other gadgets. Take a look at few of the latest smartphones:

All You Need is An Apple iPhone 6S!

This is the premium smartphone that Apple Inc, has ever rolled out. In terms of performance and looks this beauty is unbeatable. It comes with a 12MP resolution camera which offers the best image display. Some of their marketing campaigns are built around their camera resolution quality which features a detailed photograph captured from an iPhone 6S. This cam quality allows one to shoot a video in 4K resolution. One of the best phones ever on the planet till date in terms of performance, looks and camera quality.

The Glorious Samsung Galaxy S7:

This amazing smartphone by Samsung was launched in February 2016 comes with a 12MP camera. It runs on Exynos 8890 Octa chipset which is works faster unlike the qualcomm snapdragon chipsets. This 1440*2560 pixel resolution display is a Super AMOLED capacitive 5.1 inches touch screen which comes with a corning gorilla glass 4 protection and most of all it is water-proof. All in all this is a flagship phone rolled out by Samsung which has few similarities of the S7 edge it released some time ago.

The Great LG G5 is Here!

The world’s first modular phone is here, the LG G5. A modular phone is a brand new smartphone design wherein dissimilar pieces can be swapped in order to change the functionality of the phone. This is no less than a wonder. This amazing G5 by LG comes with a 18 MP camera resolution which is powered by the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 dual core. The marshmallow version of the Andriod OS is an amazing phone to always use.

The One Plus 3

One Plus 3 is a one of a kind smartphones which comes with an internal memory of 64GB storage and 6 GB Ram accelerating the performance of the all the operations done on the phone. A smartphone made of metal completely, just like LG G5 comes with a 16 MP camera which is an exciting feature. Powered with extremely good design this phone is an all in all a very nice smartphone to own!

The HTC 10

This brilliant piece of gadget is loaded with power packed features and hence has been one of the favourites in the smartphone segment since it was rolled out in India this year. With a magnificent 5.32 inch display, this gadget has a rear camera picture resolution of 12 Megapixels and 5 megapixels resolution for the front camera. It comes with a storage of 32 Gigabytes expandable upto 2 terabytes which is quite a lot of space. It runs on 4 gigabytes RAM which is as fast as any other phone.with its extremely good and smart design, this is a to-go phone for all those looking forward to pick a new one.

These are the phones that India loved the most starting this year. You can pick anyone of them and be sure not to be disappointed at all in any manner!
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