7 Types Of Heels Every Girl Should Own!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 07, 2016

A girl can shop for all the footwear she wants and literally can start her own footwear store with all that she purchases in a year. For women, the options are endless when it comes to fashion and all the more endless possibilities when it comes to picking her footwear. Here are some points which will help you know your footwear better. It is more of a Fashion-ed or style-ed. Call it whatever you like.


These play a peak-a-boo with your toes literally as the name goes. Peep-toes are a special heel footwear for women which have an opening or a cut such that the toes are visible. It was introduced early in 1940’s and reincarnated off late though they have been on and off in fashion since they were introduced.


Also known as the Court Shoes the British way, they gained popularity as Pumps. They have evolved over the years with respect to fashion and now have a classy look altogether. It has a low cut front and a short shapely heel. Can be worn with any outfit and can make the one who sports it look a class apart.


These beauties are as old as the ancient Greece civilization. The Wedges give a smart look to the complete outfit. It is named so as it is perceived to be made from a single piece material without having any external material added to it. Introduced to the modern world by a shoe-maker in Italy, these have been in vogue ever since the 1930’s.


Though many styles have evolved throughout the ages in terms of footwear, we seemed to have like some ancient styles and still continue to sport them. One such footwear are the gladiators. Inspired by the Roman civilization, the gladiators has always been a favourite among many women. It’s strappy structure is one which makes many women go for the authoritative bold look. Whatever the attire, this footwear gives the woman who wears it intense courage and boldness. It is a to-go thing anytime.

Mary Jane:

The America’s Mary Jane’s is a low cut shoe with thick straps. This has evolved over time for the adults which now has high heels incorporated into the design making it look a class apart. It has made a bang on comeback in the 2000’s which is now a favourite among many ladies.


Inspired by the dagger, the stilettos are indeed a long pointed heel shoe. It was first designed in 1906 by a French shoe designer. No matter what the attire, when a lady wears this on, it gives a dress to kill attitude. An interesting part about this style is that the heel can go up to 12 centimeters long.


The one of a kind heels, platforms as the name goes, have a thick huge sole. Their roots date back to the Ancient Greece which has been reintroduced to the world by Vivienne Westwood, a shoe designer from the United Kingdom in the 1990’s. Evolved over time, they have the most striking appeal of a stiletto as well. The heel reflects the stiletto style and the front of the sole reflects the platforms. The heel however can go up to 8-10 centimeters.

You can team these amazing styles with palazzo’s, pretty classy dresses or even for the bold corporate look.

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