Unexplored Places In South India

by Monica Barthalomeo | Aug 30, 2016

Since ages we have heard of the beauty of India. All thanks to the internet which keeps us updated and connected to the world be it people, places or events. Did you know that there are places yet to be explored in India today? Not all of us yet don't have the knowledge about how glorious and diverse is our nations natural magnificence.

When you think about the famous places of tourism in the south there are few names that pop up in your mind. Be it Goa for the wine and beaches, Kerala for the scenic beauty and lovely backwaters, Mysore for its historic escapade and much more. In-spite of living in this age of information and technology advancement, we haven't explored the beauty of our magnificent nature yet. Here are some few breathtaking yet heavenly places in South India which are mostly unheard. So, the next time you are planning to go out for vacation, do go and experience the wondrous nature's gift in our our motherland itself.

The Belum Caves:

Though it stands second in the list of the largest caves in the India, this place has not been known to many. It was first brought into light by a Britisher Robert Bruce Foote in 1884. This place is known for its siphons, fresh water galleries, long passages and super large chambers. Water gushes in these caves and their deepest point is  150 meters. The amazing light that beams through the caves will leave you mesmerized as you enjoy the sun kissed look of these beautiful caves during the day which is perfect. Nothing can beat this natural beauty. You need to visit this beauty in the Belum Village, Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh.

Skandagiri Hills:

If your love for trekking is endless, then skandagiri hills is the place for you to be! These hills gives you the illusion of dwelling in your most sought after image of paradise. The pitch white clouds hover over the hills completely makes you feel as if you are teleported into your dreamland. When you are here, night time is perfect for trekking. Yes, you got it right! Trekking at night is the thing to do in this place. Located in Chikballapur, Karnataka this mountain chain is about 62 kilometers away from Bengaluru.

St. Mary's Islands: