5 Ways to be Power Dressed This Week!

by Monica Barthalomeo | Sep 01, 2016

You don’t have to go whinny about the Monday blues every time you just get over the weekend. One of the most famous quotes by Coco Chanel, “Keep your heels, head and standards high.” Some of the most graceful yet powerful ensembles are here to brighten your mood and make your get going for you to take over the day rather than allowing the day over taking you. Getting the look is now easy with the wardrobes essentials that are in your closet.

Power dressing finds its roots since the 1920’s which boldly reflects in the chanel’s clothing roll-out. The bold yet graceful outfit is the perfect fit for women who work. Some of the early personas who flaunted this style include Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher. This dressing reflects the bold and the beautiful women of today! You need to pick up these must haves to look all the more bold which brings out the strong beauty in you!  

Beat the Monday Blues:

Ditch the regular trousers for the bright red pencil skirt by Kaaryah! Remember not to overdo your style. Pair it up with a black shirt and black stilettos, the Dorothy Perkins style. Let your hair left half done and bang, you are ready for your day! Always keep in mind to keep your style minimalistic for your work. Be it an important business meeting or one you want to join a party you can’t miss. This outfit is perfect for your meeting at day and party at night.

Let Tuesdays Be Incredible:

Experimenting with your outfit enhances your mood and your brain cells as well. Pair up your regular black skinny trousers with a patterned top. Go for a red checkered shirt and drive the humdrum out of your Tuesdays. Put the look together with the red strappy stilettos and get going for the day. Now that you are all set to take up with your powerful outfit, go seize that conference in style and confidence.

Have Cool-headed Wednesdays:

Let your Wednesdays be calm and composed as you flaunt the geometric patterned dress from Dorothy Perkins. The beige and black distortion pattern in the dress spreads out life and gives you a sophisticated look. Team up this look with a beige or black blazer which gives you the power to overtake your goals and ambitions. Couple this powerful tan sandals and get your revolutionize your life. After all, you need to be immersed in your work on Wednesdays. Look dressy and be a power house look alike. Be the best you.

Tremendous Thursdays:

Adding a little colour to your corporate look is no crime! Pick up an embellished blazer teamed with a sober coloured shirt. Going little off board is fair enough as it gives you the confidence you need to go through the day with your head lifted high. Complete the look with a white coloured sober chinos as well and by cherry picking the right white tinted pumps. With all this jazz you are ready to go with your confidence. This trendy yet simple look will give you all the pomp and splendour you need.

Add Jazz To Your Fridays:

Set yourself in the mood for the weekend with a cool blue striped casual shirt. Pair it up with a black skin tight denim jeans and a pair of flashy embellished black ballerinas. There can be nothing cooler than this look for a much anticipated Freedom Friday.  After all, you need a break from the monotonous week and rock your world with bolsters of self-assurance.

With these in your wardrobe, you are all set to go this week with confidence and strength!
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