What is XE variant of coronavirus, why isn't there nothing to worry about, atleast for the time being

Apr 28, 2022

XE Variant of coronavirus: A patient in Mumbai has been recently effected by the new variant. He was having the same symptoms, like cold, cough, breathlessness, etc. Doctors performed a covid test on him and he tested positive but, later he realized the medication prescribed weren't effective so later when they started looking deeper into the issue they suspected something abnormal then came to a conclusion that it's a new variant.

What is the XE variant coronavirus?

The Omicron variant, which is responsible for over 90 % of the infections detected this year, two prominent sub-variants, called BA.1 and BA.2. There is a BA.3 sub-variant as well, but that is less common. The XE variant is also known as "recombinant", meaning it contains the mutations found in BA.1 as well as BA.2 variants of Omicron.

Stay safe, follow all the protocols. It might not be major now but, it can turn into something to worry about in the near future.

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