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About HolaChef

Holachef is a food delivery service in Mumbai. It’s tag line is Happy Foodies, which is enough of an insight as to whom it’s services are dedicated to and what the aim of the business is. It offers a large variety of dishes ranging from DIY options which can be built according to the choice of their customers to Indian Comfort Food for the people who crave the taste of home made food when they are away from Home or perhaps those who crave the comfort of Home Food without having to cook it themselves! 

All About Holachef?

Holachef is a very user-friendly website and has an app too! People can order food by just being a click away. Once they have downloaded the app, they just need to log in, enter their location and a menu will display before them – from which they can select anything and even everything, so as long as it is in stock! There is an option of gifting a meal too because what is better than receiving food as a gift? Payment is made online and Holachef coupons can be used! Their most widely used code/coupon is that of the first order wherein people get 50% off and a 50% cashback on their first order by using the code MYFIRST.

How to use Holachef coupons?

  • Search for Holachef coupons online.
  • Enter the coupon name when you are ordering.
  • Your bill will have a discount depending on which coupon you used.

What kind of coupons is available?

  • Holachef has coupons exclusive for a particular month or time period like GrabOn Exclusive Coupon: Flat 50% OFF + 50% Cashback on First Order + FREE Delivery under which Rs.150 are off!
  • They also have coupons for great offers like getting a chance to grab a 100% cashback on next order. There are days when they have Buy 1 Get 1 on food orders and their sales get boosted.

Besides the coupons, Holachef has a very innovative reward program which involves a customer getting a chance to earn a spin after every third order. Three chances to spin are allowed and if a person wins a spin three times within a month, they get really exciting prices and brownie points which are worth the wait! Such offers and coupons add to the excitement of the consumers and the clientele base just widens!


SHOP AT HolaChef

August 2022 - Holachef acts as a knight in shining armor for all the foodies out there and has become rather famous among them due to fast and efficient delivery and the quality of food offered. It promises Honest Ingredients and claims that food made in the kitchen of Holachef does not compromise on quality- no matter what. Piping hot food is promised because it comes in a box which prevents food from changing it’s temperature no matter what the conditions outside the box are. Natural ingredients are promised and using artificial flavors is a big No! Different Holachef coupons are introduced on a regular basis.