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An Indian railway is a large network of railway system that has been flourishing in India since the British era. They were Britishers who first drew the network of railway lines and developed the initial working of railway. Purpose for the same was different earlier and now the things have totally changed. Britishers used the lines to transfer good from one region to other and now after independence till date things have evolved as per the requirement with time.

With increasing population and already second largest in terms of population we surely needed some sort of regular public transport that would cater millions a day and railway network seemed out to be the best option. With over 8 billion passengers being served in 2017-18 fiscal year, the importance of railways could be well understood. India’s railway network is also the third largest in the world falling after USA and CHINA. Indian government has been continuously pushing to expand the railway network because in coming years there would be another billion ready that would travel and take services of Indian railways. The effect of which could be seen in financial budget where allocation of funds for Indian railways have been steadily increasing. To simplify the process of railway networking there were many private players who entered the market and on behalf of Indian railways, they help in railway booking and services. With over 22 million passengers travelling a day, it was important to set up a system where private players could play a crucial role.

This gave an entry to players like ixigo who entered into the business and expanded later on to serve not only in railways but also for flight bookings, tour planners, making itinerary, and so on. Like other private players, they also tried to introduce concepts like ixigo coupons, which gave a chance to people to pick up some discounts on their bookings.

Benefit of Ixigo Coupons

Travel fairs have increased significantly in last few years, and no. of people travelling around have also increased significantly. People often face problem of high fairs and ixigo coupons acts as a solution. With good amount cash backs and discounts it helps travellers to cut their travelling cost by a good margin

How to Apply an Ixigo Coupon Code

There is a very simple step involved. All you have to do is to choose the coupon you would like to apply on your travel fair, offer may vary from a 2k rupee cashback or a certain percent discount, book your ticket and apply coupon code provided, you will be able to grab a discount of your wish.

Coupon Offers

Coupon offers may include various cashbacks up to INR 2k. As well as certain amount of discounts are also available.

Thus, ixigo coupons have turned out to be a good opportunity for people who want some sort of relief from expensive ticket fares and in return could gain some good offers from it. In a world where every step comes with a new expense these coupons are unsung relief.



October 2023 - If one is planning to travel across India, ixigo acts as travel search place where one can book flights, cabs, hotels, buses etc. They also expanded themselves as a trip planner and now make itinerary for travel journeys. It was launched in 2007 and has been into this business since. Ixigo offers you ixigo coupons, which will let you have hefty discounts on your booking.