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About RailYatri

Indian railway system has grown comprehensively since the time of independence and acts as one of the most essential way of travelling mode. With increasing population the demand of railways have grown several folds, and it do seems In coming years there would be a lot more traffic than ever. India has third largest railway network in the world with over 22 million passengers travelling on a regular basis and over 8 billion passengers who travelled on Indian rails for 2017-18. With over 60,000 km of railway network, there are over 7500 trains working day and night for taking passengers from one part to other. RailYatri is one of those portals, which helps in you in booking of tickets for travelling through railways and focus on providing good amount of discounts through RailYatri coupons. Through this, people get exciting discounts for their travel journeys and they can avail a good amount of cashbacks and other discount offers

The app also works to provide real time information about trains from there train routes to their current running status. It included almost every aspect, which could help a passenger from some way or the other and when these apps provide favourable amount of discounts to passengers through their RailYatri coupons. It becomes a lot more exciting for people who are facing good amount of fairs to get some sort of relief.

Information Provided by RailYatri

  • RailYatri provide passengers their booking status through PNR and the probability of ticket confirmation.
  • Status of your train and how long it is from your current station
  • RailYatri also provide time table that train follows
  • You can also know the real time speed of your train.
  • Live trip sharing etc.

How to Apply your Coupon?

At first, you need to download the RailYatri app from playstore; after the app is installed, you need to provide some initial information for your booking, which include details of your journey from your source station to your destination station, along with no. of passengers. As soon as you are done with details, you will get a token no. and a phone no. of an agent to whom you will have to provide your token no. and in return, he will book a ticket for you. You can see everything being done in real time while he books your ticket, you will get a link on your phone for payment. This is the time when you can apply the RailYatri coupon and get discount for your journey.

Coupon & Offers

Coupon offers may include various cashbacks up to INR 2k. As well as certain amount of discounts are also available.

Process is very simplified and people have no real issues in booking a ticket and get a discount for their travel journeys. Thus, RailYatri coupons are a boon for people who want to escape from high-end travel tickets. In addition, every time you use this RailYatri coupon you get some points on your RailYatri wallet, which you can later on redeem and get exciting discounts on essential products through that. Thus, a win situation every time you use a RailYatri coupon.


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May 2022 - RailYatri is a travel app, which initially started to cater railway booking and then improvised themselves to offer hotel booking, flight bookings etc. the journey of this travel app started almost 2 years ago when a handful of experts in tech decided to come together and do something to improvise the system of railway networking.