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About Tez

Tez is the all-new digital wallet designed by Google which is based on NPCI’s UPI system. This application is available both for Android and iOS devices and can be used to make online payments for a variety of purchases. Unlike other digital wallets, Tez App can be used to make direct payments to one’s bank account and it comes with robust security and protection, thereby enabling you to make payments to bank accounts without worrying about data breaching. It works with all bank accounts that support the UIP system and also allows you to make payments to other Tez accounts instantly. It is the safe and secure mode to make online payments and you can make transactions without hassles. It allows you to send money to anyone without sharing your credentials, right from your mobile device. Tez also offers a variety of benefits and rewards after from safe and faster payments. You can make use of Tez Coupons and scratch cards to win up to Rs. 1000 INR on successfully transactions.

Make Payments and Win Rewards with Tez Coupons:

The application supports a variety of languages and hence you can use the application for making payments in your own regional languages. Apart from making payments, users can also enjoy other rewards and benefits with the Tez App and there are Tez Coupons that lets you enjoy discounts and cash back offers while loading the wallet or making payments online to other accounts.

Amazing Offers and Rewards with Tez Coupons:

There are many offers and benefits that users can enjoy with Tez App apart from making online payments. Apart from paying funds and receiving funds from other accounts, you can get the Tez Scratch Cards on the app and this allows you to win up to 1000 rupee on every successful transaction that you make through the app. There are also Tez Coupons that can help you to get discounts on every loading you make on your Tez App.

Users can also get the chance to win up to 1 Lakh simply by participating in the Sundays Contest conducted by Tez Lucky Draw. So, if you are looking for great discounts on payments and loading of wallet and get offers, then ensure using the Tez Coupons online. There are many handpicked and verified coupon deals online that would help you to get some of the great offers and deals online. So, search online get the best deal on next payment that you make using the Tez App.



October 2023 - Tez is basically a online payment application which is designed by keeping the needs of Indians in mind. It is for those who are wary of using other digital wallets, mobile payment systems and PayPal system to send or receive payments through banking. Google Tez is designed to support all the major Indian Banks which support UPI functions. It can be downloaded and used in a variety of mobile devices and can be used to make payments and receive payments under secured environment.