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Get 100% Cashback @ Hyderabad

Good news for Hyderabadis!! Order your meal from tiny owl to avail flat 100% cashback. Order from your favourite neighbourhood restaurants and get the food delivered to your door-step. Apply tiny owl coupon code at the checkout page to grab this deal.

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Gurgaon Customers: Get 100% Cashback

Tiny owl has an astounding offer for Gurgaon customers. Get 100% cashback on your first orders using tiny owl app. Apply tiny owl discount code at the checkout page to avail this deal.

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Delhi: Order And Get 100% Cashback

The tiny owl has an astounding offer for Delhi customers. Get 100% cashback on your first orders using tiny owl app. Apply tiny owl discount code at the checkout page to grab this deal.

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Get 100% Cashback On your Orders

Tinyowl is here with an exciting offer for all its customers. Get fast and zippy food from your favourite restaurants and avail 100% cashback straight away using tinyowl coupon code. It's time to feed your hunger. Hurry up!!!

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Tiny owl: Save Flat 15% @ Red Dragon

Order your food from Red Dragon at tiny owl and avail flat 15% off. Enjoy your favourite food at your doorstep. Apply the tiny owl discount code at the checkout page to redeem the offer.

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100% Cashback On Orders @Mumbai

Tinyowl has come up with amazing discounts and cashback for Mumbaikars. Order your food and get 100% cashback on the first order using the Tinyowl coupons. Type in the coupon code while checking out to redeem the offer. Order now!!!

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About Tinyowl

The Creation Point: 

Brought to Life in 2014 by five IITians alumni from Mumbai, Tinyowl has been serving people in this great country. The famous personality behind Tinyowl Mr. Harshvardhan Mandad is the co-founder and CEO always concentrates on moving ahead, believing in progressive growth and considering learning from all the mistakes done to bolster the brands presence in the market. Tinyowl operates completely through the app. 

Food To Smiles: 

Here at Tinyowl, you can order A to Z in the food category. As a mother responds to her child’s hunger pangs, so does Tinyowl take care of all its customers. From extravagant restaurant food to simple home- made food, Tinyowl offers it entirely to its all its faithful customers. They do their best deliver food in the most minimal time possible to keep their users happy. Hence, spreading smiles. They deliver about 2000 to 2500 food orders pronto everyday, which is a behemoth for a small start-up. It is said, food is the best way to reach the heart of anyone and befriend them. They know how to take it from taste to loyalty their way and keep banking on loyal customers, adding innumerable smiles to millions of faces and satisfying their hunger pangs. 

Home Made Food: 

There is no taste elsewhere like homemade food. Tinyowl specializes in delivering homemade food to it’s customers. Everyone’s taste buds crave for homemade stuff while we are away from home. With most of the population moving from their home towns for work and further studies, they tend to feel home sick. Tinyowl helps relieve this feeling by delivering homemade food to some extent and rejuvenates all their customers. 

Food Order History:

This is the most amazing thing ever! Tinyowl has a food ordering history which helps you not to bank all that you order every time in your mind. In case you want to order anything, just scroll down your food history, Lo and behold! You have the food order and the stores also in your kitty. You can repeat the same order if you want to as well.  

Miles & Miles:

Tinyowl has its operations running in over 6 cities in this democracy gigantic nation. It delivers food orders in the following cities: Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune. It is working on a new food delivery model which will be initially verified in the Bengaluru and Mumbai regions. Though they are presently concentrating on the optimizing their resources, they are catapulting themselves to move faster in the longer run. Tinyowl will be expanding throughout the country very soon miles and miles away across India’s ambit. 

Happiness Quotient: 

They move with their vision in mind always. A business with happy and blissful customers is always at an advantage over their competitors. So yes, the happiness quotient is quite fair enough. They come up with innovative ways of keeping their customers happy. This happiness quotient is not based on their taste-o-meter alone but also in terms of games too. 

Cricket Obsession

For the T20 Cricket World Cup 2016, Tinyowl kept its customers engaged with the cricket game where the users who order online would score runs and receive cashback on their orders. Sounds very cool! The users were rewarded upto Rs. 150 as cashback on their food orders.  Every time a user places an order, he scores certain runs which will be equated to the cashback he/she would receive. There’s also a Leaderboard for the game which would list the users who scored the highest number of runs per day. 

Childhood Wish

Childhood wish is one of the happiness quotient campaign that Tinyowl ran for Christmas 2015. All the weirdest and the most simple dreams anyone could ever have were fulfilled. Happy bicycle rides, feeding on humungous pizzas and a lot more. Keeping customers happy has always been their priority. 

Be Rewarded:

From now onwards, whenever you order at Tinyowl, you can avail more discounts on your orders by using exciting Tinyowl coupons available at coupons.in. Gain a whole new experience as you eat more and live happy! 

When In Doubt, Simply Tinyowl! 

When you’re hungry, don’t think too much. Put your foot down, grab your smartphone and Tinyowl your food orders right away! 


SHOP AT Tinyowl

August 2022 - In this era of smartphones and high speed internet, life has become way too comfortable. Those days are long gone when you had to take a long walk down the street, to find a hotel or a dhaba, for feeding your hunger. Apart from this the only left option was to take all the pains and cook for yourself. Today, the situation has changed drastically. Simply use your smartphone to place an order, and your favorite food is ready in a couple of minutes. We find a plethora of food-based apps which serve the purpose. One of the most preferred food app among all of them is “Tinyowl”. In the fiercely competitive arena of online food delivery- TinyOwl, an app based start-up set its foot in early 2014. It started its operations in Mumbai, to begin with, and in no time with its exceptional service started seizing the attention of Mumbaikars.It successfully connected with thousands of people, delivering about 2000-2500 orders everyday, across Mumbai. Thisgrowing popularity made it possible for Tinyowl to expand its operations across the cities of Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon and Bengaluru. Tinyowl provides simplest ways of getting food. It has an uncomplicated interface which detects your location on its own and shows the list of restaurants present in your vicinity. The customers can order food from their favorite restaurants and have it delivered at their doorstep. ” Apart from taking the traditional orders from restaurants, Tinyowl has come up with an highly innovative idea of “Homemade food. Many times we find people prefer to eat home-made food rather than ones from hotels and restaurants. If you fall in this category, crave no more for Ghar ka khana. Tinyowl has its own bleep of chefs around your vicinity, who prepare the meals and deliver it to you. You just need to choose your preferred meal from the daily changing menu. Apart from the aforementioned services Tinyowl also presents its customers with incredible offers and discounts, on their orders. You get an opportunity to save a lot of money while enjoying your favorite food, isn’t it amazing? So, keep an eye out for the exciting coupons and deals present exclusively on Coupons.in and save big while savoring your favorite cuisine. Do connect with Tinyowl. Happy Eating!!!