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About Vihik Cabs

Vihik cabs is an online portal offering cab services to the general public. Amongst a crowd of cab services, what sets Vihik apart is its policy of no cancellation charges, and no fee hike. Another unique feature of the cab service is that it allows the rider to decide on the driver as well as bid for the rate of the ride. It is the only cab service that gives complete control and choice to its customers. The application is available on Apple App store, Google play store and Vihik bot on Facebook messenger.

Vihik Cabs Coupons and Offers:

There are several coupons and offers that are available for Vihik Cabs. While some of the coupons offer flat discounts of different rates, there are offers that can get you Amazon vouchers for free. There are other offers that offer no cancellation charges or price hike in the booking fee.

Vihik Cabs Coupons - How to use them?

  1. Visit a popular website that offers genuine Vihik Cabs Coupons and offers.
  2. In the search tab, type ‘Vihik Cabs Coupons’
  3. You will see a number of coupons and offers on the screen for cab service or for travel trips. Select a suitable offer or a coupon that can get you maximum benefits.
  4. Click on ‘Activate offer’ or ‘Show coupon code’.
  5. In case you are using a coupon, you will see a unique coupon code on the screen. You will be asked to copy that code on the Vihik Cabs website where you can go ahead and book a cab.
  6. If you are looking for an offer, you will be asked to activate offer; this will redirect you to the Vihik Cabs website where you can book a cab using that offer.

Vihik Cabs - How to book a ride?

Another great feature of Vihik Cabs is its simple and user-friendly interface. Follow these three

simple steps to book a ride:

Step 1: Plan your ride

Once you login, select your city and choose an appropriate time when you need the cab at your door step.

Step 2: Pick your ride

Pick your favorite ride from among a wide choice of four wheelers available with the application.

Step 3: Confirm your ride

Click on your choice of ride and confirm it. You will have to make the payment to the driver at the end of your ride. You can either pay in cash or choose Paytm to make the payment. Alternatively, you can also club a Vihik cabs coupons or offer.


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August 2022 - Vihik Cabs is an online cab service that offers cabs minus any cancellation charges or any kind of rise in the fees. A cab service that is one of its kinds since it lets you choose your driver and decide the rate of your ride. Enjoy unlimited rides by availing Vihik Cabs Coupons that are available online.