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100 Rs. OFF OFF

Get Rs.100 Off- Minimum Purchase of Rs.1000

Voonik online apparel store offers Rs.100 Off on Minimum order value Rs.1000. You can get Kurtis, Kurtas and Dresses. Use Voonik coupon code and save your money at voonik shooping. Happy Shopping!!!

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50 Rs. OFF OFF

Get Rs.50 Off- Min. Purchase of Rs.500

Voonik online apparel store offers Rs.50 Off on Minimum order value Rs.500. You can get Kurtis, Kurtas and Dresses. Use Voonik coupon code and save your money at voonik shooping. Happy Shopping!!!

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About Voonik

Established in January 2013, Voonikis echoing “har din fashion karo!” with their brand ambassador Farah Khan parades in their advertisements in various outfits. The most personalized app for every women out there enticing her with various styles paired up for her to look the best is here. With voonik at hand, you are a no fashion recluse.

Voonik Story:

Voonik though has been born out of dire need for those who find it difficult to understand fashion. One of the co-founders Mr. Sujayath Ali faced numerous issues in this area since his childhood and later, his wife too picked on his dress sense negatively. Initially, when he tried his fashion tastes, it was in vain. Later on when he resorted to sporting various brands, it was of no help in any sense. Not knowing how to tackle the problem and the so called criticism he faced, he came up with this voonik biz idea which did work not only for him but for many others now who are hungry to attain a picture perfect look all the time, irrespective of the occasion. He believes that there are so many people out there who face a similar situation. To address this issue, Sujayath with his concept and Navaneetha Krishnan with his techno brain being the childhood classmates teamed up to bring this concept into existence. Business target to reach $100 million (USD) in terms of gross merchandise value (gmv) run rate in the near future.

Personal Stylist:

Having a personal stylist is every woman’s dream. Voonik does that for no extra cost at all for all the women out there. All they need to do is download the app, select their preferences, subscribe to their mail list and they are done! The preferences or the requirements women are asked for are body type, skin tone, budget and style tastes. With this information, you can get going. You get complete inside information of what clothes to pick, how to pair them up, how to wear them. Oh yes! You are no fashion recluse at voonik. This is a huge step taken by the voonik’s to revolutionize the shopping experience.

To bring this personal stylist feature to life, voonik partnered with TrialKart,an organization which works in the same concerns vertical of voonik. The numbers you here are astounding. More than 28% to 40% folks who shop online don’t get a good shopping experience in terms of clothes as they cannot try them on. With trailkart’stechnology all what voonik planned came together and they do provide the service hassle free. Most of the suggestions that the customers are given are based on the data they acquire from vendors currently. They are effortlessly working though on including the virtual dressing rooms and image intelligence features in their enhanced version of voonik app.

Milestones reached and beyond:

Since its inception, voonik crossed many a milestones which steered their way to success. There were many people and are still walking the road with these folks who have been instrumental who gave in their valuable suggestions which when implemented brought astounding results.

Having participated in the bloomberg’s “The Pitch” show for the entrepreneurs, they won a 2.5 crore worth investment in exchange for about 30% of the company’s stake by Seed Fund. Myntra’s, Mukesh Bansal still mentors the chaps here at voonik. Another piece of valuable insight came from Bharati Jacob to focus on working the retention rather than the growth and conversion for a while which was a defining moment for voonik. August 2014 marked the importance of launching the voonik app which saw about 1.3 million downloads in about a year or so, which is remarkable. This positioned voonik as the 2nd most downloaded fashion application in the market. One of the most significant turn to success came from the $5 million investment from the Sequoia capital and the Seed fund. These miles stones were crossed successfully through various ups and downs since 2013. All this was also possible cause of the people who are in the voonik squad.

Shop smart:

As you shop at voonik, you get deep discounts on various products. Get rewarded everytime you shop even more by using the voonik coupons and deals at coupons.in and bring out the fashionista in you. 


SHOP AT Voonik

October 2023 - Founded by Sujayath Ali and Navaneetha Krishnan, Voonik, the stylish hand-picked store, marked its presence in the year 2013. With a highly experienced team of experts in the fashion niche, Voonik presents its customers with a genuinely unsurpassable shopping experience. This store has got some personalised features which make it a class of its own. Being launched on both app and IOS, Voonik, helps its customers to pick the right set of clothes based on various parameters such as body type, skin tone, height as well as occasion. As soon as you sign up, Voonik presents you with a questionnaire to select the right set of clothes based on the user’s preference. You also get to choose a set of events be it social, casual, sporting events, traditional events or religious events, for Voonik to make accurate recommendations. This way Voonik brings a personal touch to online shopping because you will only see the stuff that is applicable as per your taste. The products that you see will not be the same for somebody else shopping here. It also has a feature of “Virtual dressing rooms” where users can orient and readjust apparels with the help of pictures shot through smartphones. Users can also like or dislike the products available at the store. The disliked products get removed from the stock. Voonik claims to be a storehouse for over 15,00,000 products from more than 5,500 branded stores. These unique features made it one of the most rapidly growing fashion shopping apps for women, in India. Fashion comes with a vogue and vanishes, so make your presence felt with Voonik’s eternal style. Do keep an eye on the best offers and deals available on Coupons.in to make a profitable purchase. Happy Shopping!!!