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For those of us who live to eat, us foodaholics from the 80's, were initially rescued in India in the year 2007 by the app TastyKhana. For instance, Punjab ka khana is something each of us from across the world crave to dig into every now and then. It is believed that the succulent Tandoori chicken was first roasted and served in Peshawar in the 1930s and needless to mention, it became popular thereafter. Desi Chinese a.k.a Hakka Chinese, a street food buff’s favourite, is said to have been introduced in Kolkata, an adaptation of Chinese cooking to Indian tastes. 

Tamil Nadu’s famous trio - Idli, Sambar, Chutney is said to have been inspired by Indonesia's Kedli. All this and more nestled in every city was served to a customer sans human interaction, thanks to TastyKhana. With street food vendors, restaurants, famous dhabas doing business the traditional and offline way, one out of many Indians decided to share the joy India ka khana brings with certain cities in India. Entered, TastyKhana! Headquartered in Pune, established in cities; Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad; cities where people from other states were cooped up in, homesick or either craving for some good food. Thus, came TastyKhana to the rescue. Once again, the brand now offers TastyKhana coupons that are simply irresistible.

More on the 'Baap of food delivery' in India:

Shachin Bharadwaj, the CEO and founder of TastyKhana started out by working for Synergy India and then began to establish India's pioneer food delivery app. He was the first-generation self-motivated entrepreneur who strived to deliver quality food and service. His sheer persistence is what took TastyKhana all the way up to be acquired for Food delivery giant that came much later, Foodpanda.

Thanks to TastyKhana, people didn't have to invest much time by calling restaurants to place their order, rather order via the app or website instead. Also, customers ranged from different tiers of society, TastyKhana made available rotis which were available just for Rs.5 to masterfully crafted dishes priced more or less Rs.1000. TastyKhana earned by the commission they received from restaurants with every order being placed and sought to scale their business worth to Rs.100 crore by 2015. A Million-dollar- business indeed!

With TastyKhana having been acquired by Food Panda, here's how you can avail a discount with a TastyKhana Coupon once again;

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To conclude, we owe it to TastyKhana for having made heart-warming food possible to deliver almost anywhere in the country!


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August 2022 - TastyKhana that assisted people in cities Pune, Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Ghaziabad and Faridabad in ordering from over 5000 restaurants in total. What's more is that, the food delivery brand also introduced special discounts with employees in mind. This initiative empowered corporates to enhance their employee benefits. Another interesting initiative that TastyKhana brought about was the Kadki Campaign. This helped customers who were pretty tight on their budget, especially toward the end of the month, in availing sumptuous food either for free or with absolutely lucrative discounts.